Biden’s top 68 appointees have just 2.4 years of business experience, analysis finds – including 62 percent of officials who have ‘virtually NO private sector experience’ on their work records

A new report from the Committee to Unleash Prosperity claims that most of President Biden’s top officials have no business experience at all.

Economists Stephen Moore and Jon Decker analyzed the work records and resumes of 68 officials, including Biden himself and his Cabinet members, advisers and regulatory officials.

The report found that 62 percent of Biden appointees who deal directly with business matters – economic policy, regulation, commerce, energy and finance, have ‘virtually no business experience.’ Only one in 8 were found to have ‘extensive’ business experience and their average business experience was 2.4 years.

‘These highest level people who are in charge of kind of keeping our economy on track of haven’t got the experience to deal with, you know, the logistics of managing $22 trillion economy,’ Moore told in an interview.

‘You have basically lawyers and university professors and community activists that don’t have any experience with managing a big operation or steering the economy in the right direction.’

I’m not shocked by this at all.

Biden and his handlers want loyal ideologues in decision making positions.

Experience is not required and is probably an undesirable quality.

They want people unfettered by reality to push through their ideology.


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By J. Kb

2 thoughts on “Experience is not required for ideologues”
  1. I can just imagine what a pResident Brandon Cabinet meeting must sound like.
    “How is the supply chain issue doing Sec. Pete?”
    “I am sucking dick as fast as I can, but nothing seems to be getting better…”
    “Well, that’s not good. Consider another tactic. When is the last time you took a nude bike ride in front of children?”
    “Planning that next weekend, Sir.”
    I can just imagine the discussion on health with the undersecretary.

  2. The way I look at it is that we have two factors here. One is that it’s an Affirmative Action cabinet. Essentially all members were chosen for their group membership, not any actual qualification for the job. It just dawned on me that this includes Blinken — who was part of the crowd that brought us the Iran Nuke Accord.
    The other part is that Biden, since he isn’t a competent manager (or, in fact, any kind of manager) is afraid of anyone smarter than him in his staff. And since he’s an incredibly stupid person, that means the people working for him have to be even more stupid. And indeed they are.

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