CNN worked with the Human Rights Campaign to have a Town Hall on LGBT issues featuring the Democrat primary candidates.  I don’t know who at CNN or the DNC thought this was a good idea, but I have the strong feeling that it backfired with Middle America.

For a long time, the central LGBT issue was gay marriage.

I have been pro-gay marriage since I first got interested in politics under G.W. Bush.  I was for what, back in the day, was called Civil Unions.  I believe that if you ask a lot of Republicans, especially younger ones, who are not evangelicals, most would say that prohibiting two people of the same sex who want to marry shouldn’t be the government’s business.

The LGBT community won that right in Obergefell in 2015.  That’s the bad news.  Being Progressive means ever marching towards progress.  Once gay marriage became the law Progressives had to progress and regular gay people were no longer at the vanguard of progressive issues.  The fact is that LGB has become boring, T is the next big thing for the Progressive Left.

There is still a lot of uneasiness about trans-people, for obvious reasons.  If an adult wants to change genders and had gone through years of counseling and has come to a conclusion as to what they are, they have the right to live how they want.

So what better thing for the Democrats to do than feature a 9-year old trans-child.

Watch as Senator Warren and the Audience applaud this child announcing that he is trans.

Trans-children are a topic that is deeply unpopular with and disturbing to mainstream America, especially parents.  The idea that a child can make an informed decision about their gender, and to some degree sexual orientation, without the maturity and life experience to understand these topics is scary.

My son watches a TV show about animals and jumps off the couch saying that he is a ring-tailed lemur.  I know he’s not, but if he decides that he’s a girl, I’m supposed to take him seriously?

There has been an “explosion” in the number of trans-children in recent years, an increase of 4,400%.  It cannot be more than coincidence that as soon as trans-rights became the new cause celeb for the radical Left, the children of celebrities started identifying as trans or non-binary, and a reality show about a transgender child became a hit, that there was a huge increase in trans identifying children.

Having the leading Democratic Candidate applaud a nine-year-old for identifying as trans is healthy for anyone, especially the child.

Then there was this rant:

I don’t have current statistics, the best data I have is from 2016.  There were approximately 7,000 black homicide victims in the US.  Making the assumption that the homicide rate is about the same as it was three years ago, then 19 black trans women represent 0.2% of black homicide victims.  That is roughly proportional to the trans population of the US at about 0.4% overall (both trans women and trans men).

There is no epidemic of black trans-women murders or any indication that all 19 of these black-trans women were murdered for being trans.

If this wasn’t enough, another trans-woman to ask a question and reminded everyone that mispronouncing a trans-person’s name was “violence.”

According to her Wikipedia page, her name is spelled “Shea Diamond.”

I am suddenly reminded of the substitute teacher skit from Key & Peele because when I read “S h e a” I read it as “shay” and not “she-ah.”

Clearly the CNN moderator had never heard the name before and pronounced it the way she (as a white person) read it.

That’s violence.

My question is, what level of violence?  If you mispronounce a trans-person’s name, is that simple assault?  In California, is that sufficient to be Red Flagged and lose your guns?

This is the zenith of cry-bullying, and CNN had it on full display.

This is going to cause a major backlash for the Democrats, and it will cause a major backlash for the LGBT community.

CNN has made the most extreme fringe of the Woke Trans activist community the face of their party, and this is a real turn-off to Middle America.

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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “Extreme T takes over the CNN LGBT Town Hall”
  1. They’re also going all-in on letting men compete in women’s sports. Apparently they’ve convinced themselves there’s no physical differences between post-pubescent men and women in terms of strength and endurance.

    1. I’m actually completely onboard with the idea of removing sex- and gender-segregation in publicly-funded sport. Same rules for everybody, everyone competing against the full field. May the best athlete win.

      Equality of opportunity doesn’t have a “ladies’ tee.”

  2. If you want a good way to move people’s needles from “I don’t care” towards more negative readings, this would be it.

  3. The thing is that they won. They can’t be discriminated against and have full rights under the government in terms of marriage and other things. The problem is these are progressives and to them the battle can never end. So we see all the crazy.

    I’ve read that because of The insane stupid behavior of the alphabet soup people normal people are becoming less and less tolerant of them. And it has nothing to do with being homophobic but has everything to do with it being rubbed in our faces all the time and being told were horrible people if we don’t remember all 69 pronouns, won’t date trans people and don’t think children in the single digits should have their sex reassigned and have their parents have their rights to their children taken away because they oppose it. Alphabet soup rights turned into trans being rubbed in our faces and pronouns which turned into that part of the left destroying people who didn’t use the right pronouns or didn’t want to bake them a cake.

  4. When I was a teenager, our rallying cry was “We’re here! We’re queer! Get used to it!”

    By the time I was in my twenties Americans had, with a few exceptions, gotten used to it.

    That was a tragedy for the Perpetually Offended crowd. They weren’t being treated like the avant-garde anymore, they were being treated… gasp! Like normal people!

  5. Does CNN/DNC have to report these one sided “Town Halls” as in-kind campaign contributions? Yeah, I already know the answer.

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