Facebook censoring 9-11 photos

This was taken from a buddy’s timeline:

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God forbid people may find too stressing that Jihadist assholes killed 3,000 fellow Americans, right? It may lead to PTSD on gentle souls and wanting to shove  broken glass falafels up the asses of Islamic terrorists by the retrograde redneck class that unfortunately propagates Facebook much to the disgust of Zuckerberg and his associates.

3 Replies to “Facebook censoring 9-11 photos”

  1. The press has censored those images since the day after. They don’t want to “enflame passions” among the US population.

    Mind you, they’ll print obvious lies about US troops stuffing Korans into toilets, about police shootings, about Israel defending itself… but not truth that might make Americans angry at third world barbarians and the first world barbarians who enable them.

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