Fake News and Grassroots opposition my ass. (Update)

It is not like we figured out the outrage was going to be manufactured, but I have to say they overdid themselves.

Two hours and 40 minutes before the announcement and they already were doing the doomsday shit.

Preprinted Stop Kavanaugh posters? Bet your ass they have the other judge’s posters too. I swear I want to get the Left’s printing contract.

My predictions on what the Left will say:

1) Women will be dying in dark alleys with a coat hanger inserted in their vaginas trying to get a DIY abortion.
2) African-Americans will have two choices: Slavery or Lynching.
3) Gays will be electrocuted in the concentration camps where they keep the Mexican kids ripped from the arms of their mothers by ICE while they where vacationing in Cancun.
4) 4-year-old kids will be buying Fully Semi Automatic Machine Gun Magazines at the local 7-11.
5)  We will have a nuclear war with ( pick one: Venezuela/Haiti/San Marino)

Your predictions are welcome.

Update: That did not take long, just fresh off Twitter.

8 Replies to “Fake News and Grassroots opposition my ass. (Update)”

  1. worse than the signs, they have a web address on them, and it’s valid.
    a couple other “stop” sites are registered as well.

    something tells me there’s a mole that leaked the choice.

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