For decades, the left has been winning in judicial appointments and, from that, in the courts.

Our republic was set up to encourage political experiments within each state. Each state could pass laws as their citizens wished, if those laws were bad, people would vote them down or leave.

Roe v. Wade was the Supreme Court cutting that experiment off. The states were passing laws as their citizens deemed best for them regarding abortion.

With Roe all that stopped. Instead, we moved into a period of lawfare. In the end, the Supreme Court corrected itself, returning the debate on abortion to the states, where it has always belonged.

When the people of California, a leftist utopia, were asked if they wanted “gay marriage”, they voted “no.” They enshrined that decision in the California constitution.

The losers whined and then went to court. In the end, the California supreme court issued an opinion that the state’s constitutional amendment was unconstitutional.

The people of California literally changed their constitution to refute gay marriage, and the courts said that the amendment wasn’t constitutional.

While we, The People, have been fighting for our Second Amendment protected rights, there has been a quiet fight going on in the background.

The Federalist Society has been making recommendations on judicial nominations for years. You can tell they are doing a good job by the amount of hate they have generated from the left.

Which takes us to today’s topic, false flags.

There is the term “borked”. This comes from the Democrat lead attack on Supreme Court nominee Robert Bork. The attack in the Senate was so horrible. The Senate rejected his nomination 42-58.

This was a win for the left and damaged the Supreme Court.

Since that time, every Supreme Court nominee presented to the Senate by a Republican president has been met with the same vulgar, nasty, attacks. The attacks on Judge Thomas were so bad that he described them as a “modern-day lynching”.

President Trump managed to get three originalists onto the court. The Federalist Society recommended all three.

This has resulted in the left losing its mind, again, what little it had to begin with.

They went after the Supreme Court as being “illegitimate”. The (pseudo)rational is that the republicans stole a nomination from Obama (Garland) and then didn’t let the democrats have the last nomination of Trumps first term.

When they were unable to sink the nominations of those three, they went to the media and started the drumbeat of “Thomas is corrupt!”

Justice Thomas has a wealthy friend. When he visits that friend, he stays at the friend’s house. They go out boating. They enjoy their time together. And it is likely they get to talk, like friends.

I assume most of us have done things like stay at a friend’s house. If you have, I am sure you don’t report that as a financial donation. Nor if you go out on their bass boat, do you report that as a “gift”?

What Thomas was accused of doing was not reporting those visits and those stays. When the rules changed and those types of things needed to be reported, he did report them.

Thomas was also attacked because his wife has a mind of her own and acts on her own. For some reason, when the wife of a Republican acts like a conservative and doesn’t kowtow to the liberal hive mind, that is actually her acting as her husband’s sock puppet.

It didn’t work. Thomas has stood strong. Roberts stood weak kneed, but he didn’t fall.

Since that didn’t work, they are now attacking Justice Alito. The great crime is that his wife was so upset at a TDS suffering neighbor, who was harassing her, that she flew the American flag upside down, as an indication of duress.

Not only that, but at their vacation home, she flew a revolutionary war flag, commissioned by George Washington.

All of this is supposed to force Alito and Thomas to the sidelines, and maybe Kavanaugh or Barrett as well, when Trump’s case reaches the Supreme Court.

The left are children. When they do not get their way, they throw tantrums. They throw things, they break things, they change the rules.

As soon as they are out of power, they want the rules changed back.

It doesn’t work that way.

What the left has done to my country sickens me. I pray that my grand-children have a country in 30 years.

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By awa

5 thoughts on “False Flag Outrage”
  1. complacency breeds failure… We the People have not been participating in operation of this Country for a long time. I honestly don’t know what the next step is except voting in November and then getting involved in local politics…yes we are in trouble… its up to us to start fixing it..

  2. “The left are children. When they do not get their way, they throw tantrums. “

    God forbid the Right ever throws a tantrum like the Left; the carnage and destruction would be epic.

    1. The left looks at violence as a dimmer switch. Turn it up, and when you get too much, turn it back down.
      The right treats it like a on/off. Vote for what you stand for/believe in, or the other position is kill everything that is trying to oppress you.
      Seriously. Americans have crossed a frozen river on Christmas Eve to off a few people that were oppressing them. Unfortunately, the left does not seem to remember that.

      1. Neither does the right, except as memes and things to say.
        Curby is correct; The People have sat out for too long.

        Most people still sit out. Even if them who admit the deep risk to themselves and to their country, they still sit out.

  3. “The left are children. When they do not get their way, they throw tantrums. They throw things, they break things, they change the rules.”
    I have been saying that for years, with full thanks to Evan Sayat for making that point clear.
    If a leftist were to get 1/1,000th the scrutiny that Trump has gotten, the outrage would be heard on Jupiter. But, for some reason, they think it is OK because… I can only assume they are self assured they are correct. pResident made some comment about how no one is above the law. Well, just wait until he is out of office, and let’s see if he is above the law? Let’s see if his son is above the law.
    Seriously, there is a two tiered justice system in this country. Which means there is no justice system at all. I need look no further than San Francisco, where a judge will sentence a gangbanger for six years with possibility of parole in three for first degree murder. But another (or possibly the same) judge will sentence a man to 30 years in prison without the possibility of parole for whacking someone with a hammer.

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