Falsely screaming “gun” in a theater. Brady demands gun laws.

This happened in California:

And guess who jumped at the occasion to claim we need more gun control?

Nobody was shot + there were no guns present and misused + some pansy ass created a false alarm = WE NEED MOAR GUN CONTROL!!! (Don’t forget to send donation)

That sums it up.

3 Replies to “Falsely screaming “gun” in a theater. Brady demands gun laws.”

  1. A theater full of idiots. Running and screaming means you’ve stopped thinking. Get low, assess what’s really happening, and decide what to do from there.

    (Honestly, I bet half the audience thought it was an assassination attempt on them personally and half thought it was a Trump voter on a rampage.)

  2. I wonder if they were hopeing someone would pull their CCW so they could fost the clames onto the poor bastard in a sort of self fufilled swatting.

    I think we all know people who carries in gun free zones that are also attract targets like theaters and such but remember while it is better to be judged by twelve then carried by six it is better to avoid both by confirming the threat first. Dont become some sick bastards victim who is on a political fishing expidition.

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