“In order to have a door open for me I had to accept a man sticking something several inches into one of my orifices.”

I winder how many of Harvey Weinstein’s victims said the same thing?

This is America, not Fauci’s casting couch.

I shouldn’t have to have anything jammed in my face against my will to get anywhere.

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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “Fauci’s casting couch”
  1. Please tell me this is satire. He wore a mask, had someone swab his nose and this makes him feel safe? And this is a doctor?

    Dude, masks have been studied for a hundred years. There are no Randomized Controlled Trials that show they’re effective against any respiratory virus. It’s a placebo. As for the swab, ignoring the problem of false positives and false negatives, it’s a snapshot. All that means is you didn’t have the virus at that instant. Would you have the virus in 10 minutes? An hour of contact with random people? A day of that? The only way to know is to be tested constantly.

  2. My favorite was the comment from the Vaccinated/boosted/mask wearing lady who STILL got ‘breakthrough wuhan because of other people.

    That is some serious level disconnect to reality.

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