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5 thoughts on “FBI releases photo of shoplifters responsible for store closings.”
  1. remember kids!! its white Christians invading our border so naturally its white people stealing… fukkin liberals (most who are white) lie lie lie…

  2. Traditionally, Middle aged/class white women are the ones who got ‘caught’ shoplifting the most so that is where they get part of it from. They have to continue to ignore the mass lootings by other demographics since they’re mostly occurring in deep blue areas.

  3. Years ago I saw a presentation from the head of loss prevention for a major US retailer, and he gave a few examples of the organized retail rings they’d broken up. Street gangs stockpiling booze, fences reselling detergent and formula (and more) to “discount” stores, and “immigrants” sending money to overseas organizations in places like Pakistan.
    White fashion models were conspicuously absent.

  4. I think I saw a video of these very girls shoplifting on pronhub. They had to do the most “interesting” things to avoid arrest.

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