Via CNBC: Lego to invest over $1 billion in first U.S. brick plant

Lego is going to open a brick plant in Chesterfield County, Virginia. It is the first Lego plant in the US.

Toymaker Lego said on Wednesday it will invest more than $1 billion in its first factory in the United States, which will be carbon-neutral, to shorten supply chains and keep up with growing demand for its colored plastic bricks in one of its biggest markets.

The factory in Chesterfield County, Virginia, will be the Danish company’s second in North America and seventh worldwide, after it announced a new factory in Vietnam last year.

Don’t any of you tell me this isn’t gun related… Those Legos make the best caltrops ever. Just ask any parent that’s found one with a bare foot at oh dark thirty

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3 thoughts on “Feel Good: Lego spending $1 billion on US plant”
  1. It’s getting more expensive to make things in China and ship them to United States than to make them in the United States. I think I read somewhere that shipping costs have increased 4000% since we start seeing all this made in China. Sure you can make it cheap but you can’t ship it cheap. If you can even ship it at all considering how backed up all the ports are all over the world.

  2. “Carbon Neutral”? Have the found a way to make them out of cow poop rather than petrochemicals?

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