Yesterday was not a good day for the gun community.

John Fetterman won in PA.  How?

Governor Hochul of NY won her first election to governor.  We had high hopes but it just didn’t come close.

Seems that some crazy BLM supporter in his underwear having a fight with Paul Pelosi over a hammer is a huge threat to democracy from conservatives but somebody attacking an actual candidate on stage is a nothing burger.

A bit further north Maggie Hassan won re-election. Just a wee bit of dirty tricks there as the Democrat party poured money into Don Bolduc’s primary campaign to get him nominated and then painted him as extreme.

Same with the democrats running for the house in NH.  Both won.

In Georgia we are going to have a runoff but it doesn’t look good.

I was hoping for a strong majority in the House and it currently looks like a bare majority.

The Senate appears to be a toss up right now and it might be that the Senate is controlled by the Democrats.

If this happens, the anti-gun bills that the house passed but which were not heard in the Senate might be heard in the Senate.  I’m not sure if a bill from last session can be heard this session.

Bluntly I’m pretty down today.  I’m hoping to feel a bit better tomorrow.


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By awa

10 thoughts on “Feeling Down Post Election”
  1. As J.Kb. already stated, every state which experienced ‘voting irregularities’ of different types, had outcomes the opposite of the published information in the days leading up to the election, i.e., democrats won when the challenger was significantly up in the polls.

    I believe the liberal leftist of both the USA and the world have together cemented a formula, which took several decades to organize and implement, by which to legally steal any election within a state which is ‘not controlled’ by their political opposition. Swing states and states with large independent voting blocks are prime demographic areas in which their formula-tactic can work. And so far, it has worked twice now. And it will continue to work because it is impossible to stop due to ironically, the fact that the USA is a constitutional republic of fifty autonomous states.

    In short, the liberal leftist has figured out a way to manipulate the electoral college system of representation, which operates through political state coalitions within each state’s two-party system. The party coalitions have been corrupted in various ways, all legally designed, so that ‘fraud’ can never legally be established in any court of law. As has been already stated several times in several states two years ago, “after a full investigation I see that no laws were broken and thus no fraud was committed”.

    Kari Lake will be the next huge disappointment awa, and she will be the liberal leftist main published disappointment, because she was a pro-Trump Election Was Stolen candidate—she ran on this message. The leftist wants her to lose by as little as possible, just to prove a point; mainly that they can manage any election, in a state that is not in full republican control. Five to six states are all they need to implement successfully this election manipulation plan.

    This manipulation plan has global support and investment, there is no stopping it. It took several decades to create and a few decades to implement. Pandora’s Box has been opened and there’s no putting the lid back on. It will only get worse from here, which is the plan. To slowly break the back of the liberal leftist opposition, one vertebrate at a time.

  2. Hey man, look on the bright side – at least you don’t live behind enemy lines in Oregon. Will Measure 114 get the legal attention it deserves like the NY CCIA challenges? Or will we be sacrificed to the gun grabbers and left to fend for ourselves as usual (cough cough NRA)?

    At least you’re not gonna spend Thanksgiving and Christmas locating and inventorying all your ‘non-compliant’ standard capacity mags so they don’t paint you as a Felon a couple of years down the road.

    1. There are alternatives, although the inventory step is still required. Went through this myself when I took a (hopefully temporary) job in a *ahem* rather restrictive state.
      Out-of-state storage lockers are a thing. (If you need more than a 5×5 for magazines I will be very impressed. 🙂 )
      I will also note that there are a number of large rolling tool chests around that can take good-sized loads (space and weight wise), are lockable, and are relatively innocuous looking. Such as these:

  3. This is, in my opinion, the inevitable outcome of “nothing to see here.” during the 2020 election. There was “obviously” nothing wrong with ejecting ballot observers, but continuing the count, etc…
    It emboldened the cheaters to cheat more, and it taught them to be less obvious about it.
    Forget the Feds. Work your local and State legislatures. Clean up the elections. Voter ID required. Reject “no-excuse” mail in voting. Limit early voting to the weekend before election day. Drop boxes are illegal, so is ballot harvesting. Start with your city, move to your State. As jkb noted, the states with the tightest voting laws had the cleanest elections, and the candidates that were leading won.
    I do not want more people to vote.
    I want more informed people to vote. And, everything the dems are doing is all about getting the numbers from the people who just do not care about politics. Which is why they are winning.

    1. During the 2012(?) election Project Veritas did a election security audit in a bunch of states. They had people go into multiple polling locations and say the name of some famous person in that state. When the poll worker offered up the ballot they just walked away.

      They never claimed to be the person and they never took a ballot that wasn’t actually theirs and they got it all on video.

      My state is one that got caught. Within a few weeks, maybe a month or two, the state passed new election laws requiring voter ID.

      We’ve been required to provide ID ever since. You walk up to the poll workers. One person takes your name and your ID. They check it. A second person then looks up your name in a printed list. They compare the address in the voter registration to that on your id. If name/address/you all match they hand you a ballot. You fill out your ballot and slide it into the tabulating machine.

      Nobody but you touches the ballot after they hand it to you. There are always at least two people at every station observing.

      That’s how my state handled it. In Virginia or DC they instead tried to prosecute PV instead.

    2. I agree with most of what you say here. However, if you’ll note which states have come into play over the last two elections…the five to six swing states where people profess that they don’t lean democrat nor republican and claim to be independent, are a large political demographic which tend to be swayed by the latest scandals—which are always anti-republican in nature. It is in these states that doing what you suggest (which are 100% what all states should be actively doing) will never happen…that is unless republicans could somehow gain a decisive influence, which independents pride themselves on being against, so I doubt it will occur.

      If the electoral college fifty-state representation system has an Achilles Heel, it is the existence of independents who are easily influenced by emotional issues which they believe are essential political considerations, which if addressed properly will produce a morally superior result–which does not occur in reality, but they’ll never admit that—independents voted for Obama because he was a black minority who was educated and could read from a screen (Note: independents still believe Obama was and is a great orator, which he’s clearly horrible at…in reality with nothing to read from).

      I wish you could be correct, but I fear we are no longer living in a nation where it is possible to achieve what needs to be done, ‘where it needs to be done’.

      1. New Hampshire is fucked. I voted. When I was at the polling center I had to register. The line to register new voters was as long as the line for existing voters. Lots of people who moved here from New York, New Jersey, and Boston. The NYC/Acela Corridor cancer as fully metastasized into Southern New Hampshire.

        1. I’ve been in central Florida twenty years plus but hail from Hyannis Port Cape Cod and have had many business dealings with areas of your new home state. Know the state well. Some fine white-water canoeing there and the best trout stream fishing there is. But I fully understand the “cancer” you speak of. Witnessed it and experienced firsthand, And I am sure it’s become much worse over the past twenty years. Liberalism is a cancer, a very slow and unrelenting one. Beware of anyone who doesn’t sound like Elmer Fudd. You’d do best to ‘masta thea idear’ of proper pronunciation.

        2. Don’t despair yet. NH has been bluer than ever in the last decade yet we still got constitutional carry.

          So far they haven’t totally given up on live free or die the more the change purple or blue.

          Hopefully it won’t develop into a liberal shit hole in 30 years, Iitd be nice to still be a potential retirement option…

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