Feinstein questioned why Elliot Rodger was able to legally obtain and keep his guns.

“We must ask ourselves if an individual whose family called police with concerns about mental health, who is receiving therapy and who has had several run-ins with police should be allowed to own multiple firearms and hundreds of rounds of ammunition. When anyone, no matter their mental health or history, can so easily obtain any gun they want and as many as they want—we must recognize there is a problem.

via Elliot Rodger Prompts Feinstein to Lament NRA ‘Stranglehold’ on Guns.

Actually we must ask ourselves how come that individual (ELLIOT RODGER) was not introduced into the much touted California’s Armed Prohibited Persons System and his firearms removed from his possession when his more than apparent mental maladies were obvious to everybody. God knows California politicians could not stop talking about itmake it sound like it was the best thing since LSD and Free Love and even trying to make it a Federal law. California’s APPS was not intended for the Progressive Elite but for the Little People

Is it possible that Ms. Feinstein is unaware of this law of the State of California which she is her Senator?  Do you think that is a possibility? 


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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

7 thoughts on “Feinstein to Lament NRA ‘Stranglehold’ on Guns, does not know the laws of her own State.”
  1. In her mind, the laws that exist don’t matter when there is an opportunity to push for more laws.

  2. The law she wants is the one that sends police door-to-door through suburbs and rural homes, confiscating firearms and over-reacting to every act of “resistance”. That will let her gang REALLY get to work looting the country.

    (inner city guns? Too dangerous to grab those. Besides, dictators don’t disarm their “dignity battalions”)

  3. I hail from Kalifornistan and this evil commie is hell bent on another Civil War with her quest to smite the Second Amendment. I do not consider her to be a fellow American.

    I will have a party when she expires (I know it’s callous, but justified).

      1. She is on a long “celebrity list” of drinking parties for dead tyrants that I plan to have if I outlive them. It may sound petty, but it is the same reason that they shot the Romanian dictator and his wife (can’t spell their stupid name) on Christmas as an affirmation that people are to be left free.

        I do not agree with the restraint of not speaking ill of the dead. If you were a turd while alive, people should focus on that as a warning to others. Would we speak nicely about Hitler today? Nope. Same goes for the lesser tyrants we have running around in Congress and the WH today.

  4. “dignity battalions”

    A) I spit soda on my monitor when I burst out laughing
    B) This is so awesome I’m going to use it every chance I can. You coined a winner RC…

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