Way back in the pre-woke days of 2000, Mel Gibson stared in a movie called What Women Want.

It’s actually a pretty good date movie.  It’s a funny romantic comedy, that isn’t sappy or stupid.  It’s the kind of date movie a man can sit through and enjoy.

The thing about this movie is that when Gibson starts to hear women’s thoughts, he becomes a better romantic partner and father.  His ad for women’s shoes is genuinely empowering and not pandering.  He is redeemed from being a womanizer to a decent person.

Eighteen years later, they expand on the franchise.

And…. men are totally disgusting.  They are misogynistic bigots inside, and the the feminists say about them is 100% true.  Also, when a guy has a normal thought about the hot girl that walks by, it is totally justified to strike him in the testicles with a cue stick.

This isn’t a date night movie, not for any man with self respect.

This is a girls night out movie where painfully single women and divorcees can drink box wine and cackle as they agree that all men are bastards.

I forget which commenter said it, but he is totally, 100% right.

This brand of feminism is the female version of incels, the only difference is that incels are not usually green-lit to turn their fantasies into studio productions.


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By J. Kb

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