Prime Minister Justin Castro-Trudeau gave a speech today regarding the use of Canada’s Emergencies Act.

(I’ve posted the video twice at the relevant start times)

His speech:


And his questions and answers:


So, he’s given himself emergency powers.

He’s going to freeze truckers’ bank accounts and crown funded donations.

He’s also going to “compel” tow truck drivers to tow protesting truckers’ rigs.

He’s also going to to force Canadian Provinces that don’t want a federal government intervention to accept it.

And lastly, he is subsidizing the pro-mandate, anti-freedom people on his side.

This petulant little tyrant is cranking the tyranny up to 11 because that’s all he knows how to do.

The truckers are not going to back down now and I don’t know how the tow truck drivers will allow themselves to be compelled.

Canada is going to get spicer.

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By J. Kb

15 thoughts on “Fidel Jr is really going to spice up Canada”
  1. Fine, the truckers should go home. park their Rigs and wait for Ottawa and certain cities figure out how to get their food.

  2. What the world needs now is, obviously, a war. Or several.
    The Europeans have been stocking up on party favors for another of their little shindigs for several years now, and are just waiting for an occasion.
    Zombie Joe Brainsniff is looking for an opportunity to start a war, because you don’t want to change horses in midstream. Or cross the streams in midhorse. Or the steam hoses.
    So, naturally, Justine Fitzcastro has to declare war on Canada. It just fits the Zeitgeist.

      1. If any part of it made sense, you should consult your brain-care specialist immediately.
        Or the world should consult its brain-care specialist. One or the other.
        It is written that the wonderful cartoons of Charles Addams could be used to diagnose incipient lunacy; if the subject understands an Addams cartoon, the lunacy is no longer incipient. We need no longer rely on cartoons for the purpose; the world itself suffices.

  3. Like I said, they’re really mad that they haven’t been able to provoke violence yet so they’re escalating until they get some.

    This time, they’re going to make some people homeless and unemployable. It’ll be ruled illegal in a couple of years–probably just in time to prevent these actions from being used on antifa or BLM–but the damage will have been done and no one who helped Trudeau will suffer any consequences.

    If this doesn’t work, they’ll start taking children from their parents.

  4. His brown shirt RCMP were caught sabotaging 3 excavators on private land near the coutts protest. The RCMP say they they did it to prevent ‘protestors’ accessing them. But they did tens of thousands of damages to each vehicle. Disband the RCMP as criminals.

  5. The Canadian Border is VERY easy to just stroll across. Just go walking. Even in my state.
    One should enjoy hiking.

    I dont know what a person would do.
    But it’s easy.

  6. One of the big reasons they invoked the Emergency Powers (previously War Measures Act) was so they can COMPEL the Canadian Tow Truck drivers to remove the protesters trucks. They needed US Tow trucks to clear the Ambassador Bridge in Detroit.

    The tow truck drivers are standing with the truckers, not the elitist bureaucrats in Ottawa.

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