This is also a good reminder of why their words mean nothing.

I have watched a lot of video from Canada and I have seen no swastikas.

The CBC found one guy on the first day and I suspect they planted him just to set up the narrative.

When a Communist with a history of Blackface can call a Jew a Nazi for backing people who want to travel freely in their own country without having to show their papers, you know they throw around these words as insults with no meaning.


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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “Fidel Jr just can’t stop demonstrating how big of a piece of sh*t he is”
  1. Isn’t it weird that Trudeau has put the full force of government (plus “compelling” private sector actors) in to finding and punishing anyone who has provided $25 worth of support to the truckers…

    But seems completely uninterested in finding and punishing the half dozen people seen with swastikas or confederate flags?

    1. Why would you “find and punish” people displaying political symbols, unless you’re running a totalitarian country where free speech has been abolished?

      1. Why would you “find and punish” people donating to a political protest, specifically cite “flying swastikas and confederate flags,” but not care about the people doing that?

        Here in America, donating is protected political speech in exactly the same way that flying those flags is political speech. Both are protected. In Canada, though, they have a federal hate speech law which may or may not apply. I’m neither a Canadian, a lawyer, nor a Canadian lawyer.

  2. Asymmetric rules are in force.
    If someone at a Left-approved demonstration is displaying a swastika, it’s assumed that he’s calling the target of the demonstration a Nazi.
    If someone at a right-ish demonstration is displaying a swastika, it’s assumed that he is himself a Nazi, and also that he speaks for everyone present.

  3. Oh, she is scrappy, isn’t she? LOL!

    The Left loves to throw around words like “Nazi”, “fascist”, “dictator”, “racist”, “bigot”, etc. They forget that to the rest of civil society, not only are ad hominem attacks a sign of weakness, but words still mean things, and when they use a word for its shock factor even though it objectively doesn’t fit the situation, that further weakens their argument.

    Fellow Leftists will cheer, but everyone else is going, “WTF?” (Follow-up, courtesy of Ajit Pai: “Do you even English, bro?” 😀 )

    Implying that a Jewish descendant of Holocaust survivors stands with Nazis is shocking, and the Leftist base just eats it up. But non-Leftists see how ridiculous that claim is and disregard everything he says after that because he clearly doesn’t understand the words he’s trying to use or what they really mean.

    And this is how history gets revised into irrelevance. Historical terms and concepts get thrown around willy-nilly as insults, with no thought as to the real meaning, and thus become meaningless.

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