On Saturday, a crazy man with a knife killed six people, and wounded many more, with a knife in the Bondi Junction mall in Australia.

You would be hard pressed to find a bigger advocate for concealed carry than myself.

I also live in the real world where concealed carry is not an option everywhere all the time.

It could be a prohibited place in a concealed carry friendly state like a school, or a visit to a non-concealed carry friendly place.

I was just in Florida at Universal Studios on vacation with my kids. I can’t bring a gun to a theme park.

You need to mentally prepare yourself for what to do if you don’t have a gun.

What items can you use as improvised weapons.

In Australia this guy used a belt barrier post.

My go-to item to look for is a fire extinguisher. It serves as both a ranged weapon and in impact weapon. True, fire extinguisher solution or CO2 isn’t an irritant like OC or CS, but a blast of very cold to the face is disorienting and better than strong language.

You need to be prepared to defend yourself with what you have at hand, not what you wish you had.

Adapt, improvise, overcome, survive.

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By J. Kb

10 thoughts on “Fight with what you have”
  1. When I was young, I had an uncle who trained me at the age of 14. And he had me wear a motorcycle full face helmet and he did as well, so that he could train me without head injuries. First lesson was using your belt as an offensive and defensive weapon. It was then that I began to buy quality double layer 1 3/4″ heavy duty belts with the biggest buckle available. After several months of weekly lessons my belt became very affective against knives and even clubs or sticks.

    1. That’s a great thought … but in all seriousness, how do you then keep your pants from falling down while you’re trying to fight?

      1. Well….umm, my belt doesn’t have as first duty, to hold my pants up, its main purpose is to handle a gun, mags, knife, rescue tool and look great. I’m a mean 6′ 195 lb. 48 yr. old looking, late-sixties young man 😁

  2. “I can’t bring a gun to a theme park”… there in lies the problem-in a world where TRUE Freedom exists We the People would have the ability to carry every where we go. we have had 50 plus years of liberals demonizing firearms instead of criminals… just because we desire the ability to defend ourselves we are the “problem”… and we all know how well a sign out side works dont we…

    1. There is no law in Florida against carrying firearms in a theme park. The only thing that prevents it is the policies of the theme park itself. They do have magnetometers and bag checks. With that being said, it is possible to get in with a weapon. I used to do just that, but I stopped doing that in 2019. I have only entered a theme park once since then.

      1. I do not like going to the Disney parks, for political and financial reasons (Too expensive, not worth it). I did however carry when visiting Pleasure Island, now Disney Springs. The restaurants are fun and are happy to cater to food allergies for birthday celebrations.
        I have not been back for a few years since they seriously started cracking down on concealed carry on the property and requiring you to go through metal detectors just to go shopping or have dinner. Last time I was there, I witnessed a gent being escorted from the premises by Orange County Sherriff’s deputies for carrying concealed. I do not believe the permit holder was arrested, just disarmed and escorted to his vehicle and asked to leave. Disney does not want you to carry there and WILL have you removed for doing so.
        I do not feel the need to spend my money where I am not wanted.

  3. There’s a neat product called the HideAway Knife, apparently the invention of a woman who got mugged and decided she wanted a self defense tool easier to get away with than a gun (in whatever state she was dealing with). I thought it had disappeared, but they still have a website/store so perhaps I was confused.

    1. Proceed with caution… Before COVID made it common, the HAK had supply issues and years-long unfulfilled orders… There was a dispute with a cheap copy called ‘Talon’ that also never got delivered to me.

  4. No idea about now, but it was not at all uncommon back in the ’80s for guns to be found at the bottom of Space Mountain because “holsters without retention.” Also since the late ’90s, magnetometers at the gate, so…..

    It can be done, if one knows what and how, but there are other weapons that can be similarly useful – and for the most, part, not recognized as such, if one has the training to use them. But as J. Kb points out, “situational awareness, exits and fire extinguishers” are close to the top of the list. So are “belts,” shoulder straps,” et al.

    Better choice is “just don’t be there;” Disney has leaned evil in recent years, do you really want to support them?

  5. Unless entry requires one to pass through a metal detector or some other strict scrutiny ignoring the “no carry” rules is what I tend to do regardless. Concealed means concealed. I’d rather fight the charge of carrying illegally then the alternative of being wounded or worse seeing the wife or kids harmed.

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