Mark Hertling was a Lieutenant General in the US Army and currently teaches at West Point.

The implication here is that the REPUBLICANS are the burgeoning Nazis.

To any rational person, that is bullshit on its face.

The Left has been caught with its hand in the cookie jar using federal law enforcement for political purposes, conspiring with social media companies for censorship, exerting unchecked power under the guise of emergency COVID restrictions, etc.

But Trump was a wannabe dictator.

Yeah, who lost an unfair election and handed over the reins of power anyway.

The highest echelon of our military is utterly partisan and completely stupid.

Since they are going to call the next elected Republican president a Nazi, a fascist, and the second coming of Hitler regardless of what he does; the elected Republican president should act like it and purge the US military of all the disloyal officers.

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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “Fine, let’s start by purging the military”
  1. The Left hold the presidency.
    They hold majorities in both houses of Congress.
    They control a high fraction of state government offices.
    They control most large communications and technology companies.
    And yet, they still continue to paint themselves as the scrappy underdogs fighting The Man.
    It should be a case of major cognitive dissonance – they are The Man, now, by definition – but they seem to be immune to such.

  2. Why shouldnt the next republican pres do just that??? The liberals are goin to scream and point fingers so might as well. America is fukkin tired of the liberals. Time We the People start treating them like the 26% they are

  3. The military senior “officer” corp needs to be treated like the communists they are, starting with milley, the piece of shit, hangings.

  4. Let’s just not pretend that the republicans wouldn’t have exercised similar .gov muscle to do similar things under similar circumstances.

    They might be the answer now, bit they don’t solve the overall problem. The gov will spy on you and uses its power for authoritarian purposes regardless of the party.

  5. If you want to know what the Democrats’ plans are, just pay attention to what they accuse the Republicans/Mega Maga Trumpers of doing. Russian collusion, yep Hilary sells Uranium to Russia, Quid pro quo with the Ukraine, yep “Son of a Bitch” he was fired. Sending “enemies of the State” reporters to jail, yep ABC reporter James Gordon Meek disappears after FBI raids his home about Jan 6th. And the list goes on.

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