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A number of years ago I was having a discussion with my kids principal at the elementary school. I think the issue was that my kindergarten or first grader had drawn flowers on his name for some in class work. The teacher had marked him down.

The principal kept using some offensive words and in the end I said something like “When you say X it makes me want to jump down your throat.” We finished our conversation, she didn’t seem to have any issues. As I was leaving she asked me why I didn’t become a teacher because she thought I would be great teacher.

Later that day my son came home and had a letter saying I wasn’t allowed on school grounds because I had threatened the principal. It seems that they thought that “jump down your throat” was a threat of physical violence. It isn’t.

So I made an appointment and when I showed up to talk to her to figure out what was going on she brought in the only male teacher in the school and 3 other people, it was all intended to be very intimidating. I don’t intimidate very well.

I tried to show them the actual meaning of the phrase they were upset about. The refused to read it. I was accused of threatening her multiple times and when I asked “If you feel I had threatened you, why did you ask me to join the school as a teacher?”

She replied that she hadn’t said that.

All in all it was very accusatory.

I finally had had enough, turned to her and asked “to you have a bad memory or are you just lying?”

Everybody in that room responded in shock over my statement. “How rude!” My response of “But you all have been accusing me of making death threats which didn’t happen. Why are you allowed to insult me and I can’t ask why she is getting it so wrong?”

They didn’t see it. I was forced to leave with the threat of them calling the cops on me.

This is the way of the left. They attack us over and over again and at the point where we respond, we are the bad people. The number of videos of some white kid attacking a black kid are pretty extensive. Nobody seems to capture the tormenting that happens prior to their response. But they are always the bad ones.

Which takes us back to the report from Enfield, CT. From the headline I assumed that they had made some sort of threat against school officials.


Two people have been banned from school property after they mailed letters to the homes of school officials, spewing “gibberish” and appearing to promote a global constitution…

This is a chilling effect. If you communicate with a school official and they decide that your communication was “gibberish” or they think you are promoting wrong think, you could be banned from school property.

I wonder how they would have reacted if the had received letters supporting BLM and promoting systemic racism? I wouldn’t be surprised if they were invited to be guest speakers.

The letters, which were received Wednesday, do not contain threats and neither person who signed them is accused of committing a crime, Zoppo-Sassu said. But police have told the Enfield man and Somers woman they are not permitted on school property, including school board offices, she said.

The reasons that they are banned is because “…we have zero tolerance for attempts to distract our elected and appointed officials from their jobs.”

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8 thoughts on “First and Second Amendment under attack”
  1. This has been going on since I was in school in the early 80s.. your best defense when dealing with them is to record EVERYTHING that is said. I reached a point where I had enough of being bullied and blamed when I fought back. “Zero tolerance “ means they won’t tolerate the truth. I politely informed them that if the shiite didn’t stop I had an aluminum bat at home that would take care of the problem…. Miraculous cure for shiite happened..

  2. Fairly typical of many school admins but thankfully not all. When I was in HS, I was getting jumped daily. School did nothing about it until I brought a knife to defend myself. Then I got suspended. My mom came to the school and got it back for me. Later, I did a chorus concert for some local organization. Afterwards we sat w/ the group for supper. Lady next to me asked why I had bruises all over my face. I told her the story and she got ‘real’ upset. I didn’t think any more about it until later that evening when we did a concert for the school board. Sitting at the head of the table was the same lady. She was the president and, I found out later, a friend of my mom’s. Next day and for the rest of the year, teachers were out in the hallways monitoring. Next time I got jumped, the a’holes got suspended. They started crying when they were told their dad’s were going to be called. Great day.

    1. Years ago my oldest son, who is “on the spectrum”, was being bullied. It was reported multiple times. Nothing was done about it. Finally, one day, he was in shop class and had enough. He hit his tormentor with his closed fist. He happened to be holding a file at the time.
      I got called because he was being suspended for fighting. I found out the particulars. Told the principal that he needed to deal with the bullies. Turned to my son and said, in front of the principal, “You did great. Next time they bully you, don’t punch when you have something in your hand. You could break your hand. I am so proud of you for standing up for yourself. As a reward I’ll get you some good icecream, what flavor do you want?”
      The principal just about had a shit fit over that. “If you don’t want my son hitting other students, stop the bullying.”
      Amazingly enough my son had no more issues with bullies at school.

  3. Unfortunately until I can view and evaluate the source/objectionable material on my own to make my own judgement in situations like this, I simply assume the report/accusation is wrong or a lie due to the utter lack of credibility the gov and media has.

  4. To the leftist elite individual, there is no compromise because they are victims of anyone who doesn’t agree that they are victims. If you inquire what they are victims of, they will obfuscate, redirect, and back away while telling you what “they believe or feel” you want to hear—condescending appeasement.
    Then, they go to work, distorting what occurred, first by changing the context and rearrange the order of events, skillfully deceptively interpreting what was said to mean the opposite of what was said, using inuendo to subtly influence the support group they will use to cancel you out.
    This type of societal engagement makes perfect sense to the individual who believes modern progressivism is elite. And it’s elite because it allows and actually demand, that everyone support the ideology, which is based on one truth, which is that all truth is subjective to each person in a moment in time which they determine. There is no such thing as ‘absolute truth’ and they’ll jokingly, mockingly tell you that they are absolutely sure of this one truth.
    The Leftist Elitist believes they know you better than you could ever know yourself. In fact, you don’t know it but you’re not even aware of how out of touch you are with yourself. But there is hope for you, IF you allow them to act on your behalf, for they know what’s best for you. Trust them or else!

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