Miss. lineman airlifted after being mauled by pack of pit bulls

A lineman was attacked by a pack of pit bull dogs Tuesday afternoon in Carroll County.

According to the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office, police received a call about a pit bull attack off of Highway 35 North near Holcomb around 2:41 p.m.

Ivan Bubba Rawles III, a lineman for Delta Electric, was attacked by five “full-blooded” pit bulls after he finished a service call. His vehicle became stuck after he was reversing down a long driveaway of the house.

Rawles was then approached by the pack of pit bulls after he left his vehicle and began walking back towards the home of the Mabry family.

Police say that Mr. Mabry shot a weapon into the air to attempt to scare the dogs off of Rawles, killing one dog in the process. The Mabry family, along with a neighbor, Mrs. Gillon, who is a nurse, began to aid Rawles until deputies and Medstat personnel arrived at the scene.

He most certainly did not shoot into the air to scare off the dogs and accidentally hit one.  He shot the dog with intent and either lied to the media or lied to the police thinking admitting shooting a dog would get him into trouble.

The sheriff’s office says the victim reportedly suffered deep lacerations and lost a large amount of blood.

The owner of the dogs, David Nicholas Smith, put the four remaining dogs down himself. According to police, Smith was not in compliance with Carroll County’s Pit Bull Ordinance and will face charges upon the completion of the investigation.

That was the only decent thing Smith did with his pitbulls.  He deserves to be charged for having five of them and letting them roam free.

Despite the blood loss, it seems like Rawles will make a recovery and not lose and body parts.

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  1. Some of the “big box stores” allow customers to bring thier dogs in.. I was in one and this 5foot nothing guy had his 150 pound surrogate penis on a leash. This “thing” was not friendly, it went batshit over another dog and he could barely control it. Up on hind legs barking and snarling. I happened to have a pocket pistol that day. I politely informed him that he needs to remove himself and the dog from the store. Lucky for the “dog” he did. It wouldn’t have been pretty. I have never understood the need for nasty dogs in public…

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