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6 thoughts on “Fixing the battery pack of a Tesla: The Finnish Way.”
  1. Blowed up real good!


    Disposable Cars. Throw out the car and the battery at the same time.

    I moved my internal combustion car this morning after last nights ice and snow storm. It took a half an hour of running the heater and defroster full blast to loosen the ice on the windshield enough to see, and another mile of slowly driving side roads on defrost to loosen it all enough to scrape it all off the edge of the windshield and the rest of the car.

    I wonder what that would do to any electric cars range? “Sorry Boss, I cannot make it in to work until noon, I have to recharge my car.”

  2. Oh, that makes so much sense. Blow up a $60k car because you can’t afford the new batteries. So what are you going to do now, Mr. Finn?

    Seriously, anti-electric car people have been saying this for years. And there’s a photo or photos out there of fields full of electric vehicles in France that are wasting away because it’s cheaper to buy a new one with subsidies than replace the battery pack or do major maintenance on the damned things.

    But blow it up? “Okay, I buy a Tesla to save the environment and it will cost me $20k to put new batteries in it so I blow it up because the environment.”

    Smugness much? This reminds me of the Tesla in my city that has a Bernie sticker and Ban Oil sticker on it.

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