This was Biden’s White House Menorah Lighting.

“You know, when we light this menorah in the White House, when Jewish families place menorahs in their windows, we are proclaiming liberty. We’re exercising the freedom that the Maccabees sought to simply practice their faith. And we’re showing that there is still light, that even the most fragile flame can be sustained in a tradition and nourish the soul of a people.  That little bit of light — that little bit of light, wherever it is found, can dispel the darkness and illuminate a path forward. And whether it’s in the Temple in Jerusalem or a temple of our democracy, nothing broken or profaned is beyond repair. Nothing.  We can always build back better or perhaps build back brighter.  So, thank you all for being here as we proclaim the light and liberty that this is all about.”

What a piece-of-shit son-of-a-bitch that old fucking bastard is.

Hanukkah is about the re-dedication of the temple and refusing to be assimilated by the Greeks.

He talks about light and then uses it to sell his bullshit “build back better” slogan.

He has to shoehorn his fucking agenda into the menorah lighting.

Disrespectful old bastard.

See this Jews?  See how the Democrats mouth pieties to us then disrespect us to our faces?

Fuck Biden!

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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “F**k Joe Biden, that disrespectful old bastard”
    1. There’s a lot of people – of all races, religions, and ethnicities – who are too willing to make their decisions on emotional responses and/or whom conflate “intent” with “outcome.”

      Since the Democrats have perfected the art of the emotional appeal and have a real mastery of obfuscating the failed outcomes of their policies behind a veil of what they intended those polices to do…

  1. It’s subtle, but I was also rather annoyed that he spoke about the Temple in the present tense.

    The Second Temple having been destroyed by the Romans in 70 CE and that a Third Temple has not been built is sort of a big fucking deal in the religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam; in international relations between Israel and the Muslim states and the United States and Israel and the Muslim states; and, goddammit, it’s just an important part of the history of Western Civilization in general…

  2. He so full of crap.
    All ya need to do is see where he stands on blacks.
    Its out there.
    He aint no friend. And they lap it up.

    As for Jews…mmmm, how i would live to be a fly in his home.

    I doubt it’s love.

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