I will not eat soy and bugs while I live in a POD.

Fuck you!!!

I will not comply.

This year I am going to smoke a brisket.

Why, because I love brisket.

Also, because it’s the highest carbon footprint meat cooked in the highest carbon footprint way.

That makes it taste even better.

Fuck you and fuck off with that shit.


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By J. Kb

13 thoughts on “F**K YOU KCRA!”
        1. Not that I can think of offhand…or am I missing something? (I am not at my most subtle right now.)

  1. If you’re going to make a plant based dish, make vegetables. A vegetable dish is fine. Or bread.

    Don’t make fake meat.

  2. Im comin to YOUR house for Thanksgiving!!
    I luv it. Ya know why liberals are always in a bad mood? They eat fake food. You never see a guy angry while eating a rack of ribs..

  3. Outstanding plan! Better weather than The Frozen Fly Over State, good company, like minded individuals..,only problem, what might The Long Suffering Mrs J.Kb think of all this? Even if we all pot luck?

  4. Lots of turkeys at Publix today. Publix brand at $.49/lb, turkey breasts at $1.49/lb.

    So… what turkey shortage? There is a sign, as had been for the last 6-8 years, only 2 per person (per visit.)

    And as to vegans and vegetarians, why do they work so hard to make plants taste like meat when animals do such a darned good job doing it?

    Seriously, what has to be added to soy or whatever to make it fake meat is disgusting. I’d rather have a modern factory turkey or chicken than eat something so chemically altered and manipulated.

  5. I believe in eating plant based food, processed in a mobile factory called a steer, a hog, a lamb, etc.

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