Florida sheriff’s captain fired days after weapons incident at Parkland school: report

A police captain was fired. No reason given. But you should know that a SRO found guns at a school near Marjori Stoneman Douglas HS.

According to our own Divemedic (I think) reported that even though Florida passed legislation that allowed for the arming of teachers and school admin, because it requires approval by both the sheriff and the school board, no teachers have ever been given permission to carry on school property in FL. [Divemedic’s research on the Guardian Program]

This begs the question of why a school principal had guns on campus. If he was there, ready to run to the sounds of gun fire, more power to him. If he was just and idiot that happened to bring guns to school, FLORIDA MAN.

And regardless, those firearms should have been under lock and key.

Just shaking my head. Florida…

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