Yesterday the Madison County Sheriff did what they should have done all along and release the video evidence that fletcher had a gun at the time he was shot.

Chris Joseph of local news channel WAFF tweeted a video showing a scene by scene breakdown of the justification of the shooting.

This screenshot from the press conference shows the body camera footage from one of the officers, showing Fletcher being pulled from the van holding a gun.

The entire press conference can be seen at the WAFF website (I could not embed the video here which is why I am using the Twitter clips).

The Sheriff and DA have concluded that the shooting was entirely justified based on the video evidence.

It seems that Fletcher’s widow was lying on Facebook.

On Monday, three activists were arrested during a die-in at the Huntsville Veteran’s Day Parade, protesting the shooting of Fletcher.

I wonder with this new evidence if the activism will fizzle out like a fart in a wind and Crump will crawl back under a rock in Florida, or if they will go all Michael Brown and continue unperturbed.

The Sheriff could have nipped all of this in the bud had the video been released earlier, but better late than never.


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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “Fletcher shooting in Madison, Alabama”
  1. That’s not what I would call a shooting grip.

    Of course I also have the luxury of looking at a still photo, well after everything has played out. I don’t know the details but I’d have a hard time saying this was a bad shoot, given the presence and psitioning of the gun itself.

  2. Unfortunately, in today’s media environment, the first narrative published is the one remembered, especially if it conforms to the “bad white cop kills good black man” bias. As this didn’t make a lot of noise in the national news cycle and depending on the local media, it might go away. However, with Crump and possibly Sharpton involved, I wouldn’t bet on it just disappearing.

  3. As Boris showed, the anger won’t go away, they’ll just move the goalposts. The likely line will be “why couldn’t the police resolve it another way”. Never mind he could have, oh, I dunno, DROPPED THE DAMNED GUN.

  4. Ok, heres my ha-pennys worth (half pence, old English coin) the one thing you should know when inter acting with police- that cop does not know you, so until you demonstrate thru calm action and words he has no F in idea what you are gonna do. Do what they ask and do it calmly. And as Fluffy says- if you can make him laugh you got a chance…..

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