The plot of the Kyle Kashuv Harvard rejection thickens.

I firmly believe that the reason every media outlet in the country seems to be covering this is to shame a young man for having the temerity to stand up for gun rights after the Parkland shooting.  I cannot imagine any other reason that major news outlets would have a multi-pundit panel to discuss one kid’s rejection from college, especially in such an unsympathetic light.

MSNBC had a former Florida Congressman, David Jolly on to dump on Kashuv.

Did you catch that at the end of his rant?

Kyle Kashuv, who was the only Parkland student to do anything remotely effective in trying to curb school shootings and actually worked with Senators in a bipartisan way, instead of engaging in two-minute-hate rallies against the NRA, should not be allowed to buy guns because of what he wrote in this Google doc.

If that doesn’t justify the sudden screeching halt of Red Flag Laws, I don’t know what will.

Rather than try to address actual threats, these laws are going to be used to punish thoughtcrime and kids being stupid.

Get contacted by the Sheriff’s Department 49 times for various disturbances… who cares.

Tell a racist joke in private to some friends who are also telling racist jokes… and you lose your Second Amendment rights as an adult for life.

Way to destroy any credibility or benefit-of-the-doubt your program might have had, just to show that it is going to be an ineffectual tool for crime prevention that vengeful people can use to inflict pain on others.

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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “Florida Congressman makes a compelling case against Red Flag Laws”
  1. Lawsuit, Slander and Defamation of Character.
    The only language these crap-for-brains idjits understand is how it affects their bank balance.
    Find a good lawyer with an ax to grind against slander and even if Jolly ‘wins’ he’ll loose by what it will cost him to defend himself.
    We use their lawfare tactics right back at them.

  2. Quick question: Who else can be quoted from in this alleged Google Doc?

    It’s pretty much undisputed that it was passed around “some friends”. It had to be leaked by someone who had access to it, which probably means someone within that group of “some friends”.

    Who else is involved, and why aren’t they being trotted through the media? Why aren’t their college prospects getting rescinded? Why is Kyle being singled out of this group? (That’s a rhetorical question; we know why.)

    As an aside, I would laugh my @$$ off if someone checked and the “Hogglet” was involved. And then I’d sue the ever-loving crap out of Harvard.

    1. As another aside, Heaven forbid anyone ever have a recorder going during a game of Cards Against Humanity. That’s some innocent fun that could ruin futures in the current political climate.

      1. You have to admire the bravery — or gaze in wonder at the stupidity — of YouTubers who post videos of games of CAH.

  3. I am 100% convinced that my employer, HugeMegaCorp, would immediately institute a policy of filing red flag claims against anyone who gets terminated. They’re not even anti gun, they’re just so scared of litigation they’d do it to “prevent” retaliation.
    So don’t get fired.

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