Florida CWPs: Inching towards the 2 million mark.

The July 2018 report.

If my calculations are right and the same trend continues, we are not going to reach the 2 million licenses this year but we are going to be mighty close: about 10,000 short. That means that probably (barring EMP attack) come the end of January 2019, we will be the first state of the union with 2 million licenses to carry concealed.

Welcome to the Gunshine State.

PS: I forgot, sorry! Florida ladies with a CWP went up to 509,014. C’mon ladies, those a rookie numbers!


2 Replies to “Florida CWPs: Inching towards the 2 million mark.”

  1. Yeah, go Florida! I moved away just months before the 1987 law came into effect. But I was an early adopter! I used to carry at work. The boss was cool with that. Remember the Ruger Security Six?

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