The magnitude of this can’t be understated.

Florida passes a popular bill into law.  A woke mega corporation, held hostage by a shrieking minority of employees, pushed back against the law.  The state legislature reminded the corporation who’s boss, the people who elected the legislature and supported the bill.

Then the Surgeon General of Florida pulled put the science and told the woke HHS and its abomination of an admiral that Florida won’t transition children.

This is Conservative leadership the way it should be.

If DeSantis runs for President, he will beat Reagan’s margin of victory.

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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “Florida is leading the way with some big wins”
  1. My guess is that Big D has an army of lobbyists/lawyers there now trying to cut a deal to keep this from getting passed.

    Watching the commentaries on this, it’s amazing how economically illiterate people are… “Just move Disney out of state (one said to CA)”… “Shut down for 3 months” …. “All D employees/GLBT’s will vote Desantis out”.

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