Florida: Paying the price for being politically nice to the Democrats.

We are about to have a recall on the Governor’s race thanks to Broward County  which has not “finished counting” the mail-in ballots and amazingly they are all or in a great majority coming out for Gillum. The difference between candidates now stands at 0.52 and you know it will drop soon enough to trigger the automatic recount.

Broward County elections are under the Supervision of Brenda Snipes who has a long history of screw ups and right down suspiciously criminal behavior when it comes to elections.  As I mentioned in a previous post, in January this year she was found guilty of illegally destroying ballots but she was never removed from her post even though it was well within the power of somebody’s office to do so: Governor Rick Scott.

Well done Ricky! You wanted to be nice to the whining Gun Control groups and fucked the Florida Gun Owners. You wanted to be nice-nice with the Democratic Party of Florida, left Brenda Snipes running things in Broward County Elections, and she is now on her way to give your job to her buddy Gillum.

Question for the general reading population and Florida’s in particular: Are we done being nice? Are you tired of getting up the rear end in the name of “Let’s all get along”?

I am damned tired.


4 Replies to “Florida: Paying the price for being politically nice to the Democrats.”

  1. Too bad, this one might just bite Ricky boy right in the ass. She will be handling his recount too. Anyone old enough to remember hanging Chads?

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