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Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

5 thoughts on “Florida: Political predictions V. Preparedness Reality”
  1. In my neck of the woods (Clay Coop) – Friday morning 26% of the addresses serviced were without power. By Saturday afternoon, that was down to 1.26%. The line crews worked crazy hard hours.

  2. The media and Democrat politicians desperately wanted Ian to do massive damage to Florida that would take weeks to repair because it would make DeSantis look bad. They could spend the six weeks before election day celebrating how DeSantis let Florida down. How he was so focused on stunts will illegals he dropped the ball on helping his state. They needed him to be more incompetent than Biden to make Biden look good. When the power came back on for 95% of people in less than 48 hours, when crime and looting were snuffed out, when the system kicked in and did its job, it demonstrates that DeSantis can lead and govern with competence. The media is going to use the next few weeks to cherry pick the most extreme cases as examples to use as a brickbat against DeSantis. Their narrative will be anything that wasn’t totally, impossibly perfect is evidence of incompetence. They will make shit up. I’ve already seen Tweets saying that DeSantis is covering up the Ian death toll like he did the COVID death toll. The Democrats needed Ian to do as much damage to DeSantis’ political reputation as it did to the Florida coast.

  3. As of last night, southern Polk, Highlands, Hardy and De Soto counties have achieved almost the same percentage of restored power. The trucks rolled down route 27 all day on Thursday and Friday. Everywhere I travelled, lineman’s trucks along with supervisor personnel were establishing staging areas. 911 calls were given priority over all other calls. Disabled people were provided for first, followed by medically challenged individuals. A supervisor stopped and spoke with me in my front yard, asking if I knew anyone on my street who might be needing attention first. Being part of my neighborhood watch, I provided him the information he needed.

    I would like to point out something which has occurred in the eight hurricanes I’ve experienced since moving to Central Florida. With each severe weather event, the people where I live (a four-county area) have always come through those storms having a tighter personal bond as a citizenry, which supports all….as one unit of strength working in harmony. And many lawful persons with a firearm always stands ready to make sure safety is indeed a reality ‘should a criminal worst-case scenario’ occur.

  4. I suspect Florida doesn’t worry about environmental impact statements or prioritizing minority and poor communities, but rather what is the best way to get service restored to the most people as quickly as possible.

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