SB 7030 School Safety and Security (now in Infrastructure and Security committee ) is a long sucker of a bill which includes a revamp of the school system as it relates to mental health, but the part we should be interested was that this bill includes allowing teachers to volunteer for the Guardian program and carry in school after proper training.

Two amendments were introduced by Senator Lori Berman (D) prohibiting not only regular school teachers but Charter school teachers from being part of the Guardian program. One was found unfavorable and the other was withdrawn. So, not  a bad day for that particular bill.

If you want to voice your support for SB 7030 allowing volunteer teachers to join the Coach Aaron Feis Guardian Program, send an email to the Senate Infrastructure and Security committee:

I would use the BCC feature in your email so it does not look like a mass email for organic Viagra.

See? Told ya I was working on this stuff.

Reminder, we have some seriously nasty bills coming: AWB, Gun Registration, UBC and the elimination of preemption of the field of regulation of firearms and ammunition. This last one, it seems they have a particular hard on for it as it would pretty much hill CWP in Florida and that would be a monumental feather in the Gun Control’s cap. Revert Concealed Carry in the State that started it all.

UPDATE: This just came in…Stupid Amendment is Stupid and introduced by Senator Anette Taddeo:

A school district or charter school that elects to
participate in the Coach Aaron Feis Guardian Program shall
establish a policy by which notification is provided to parents
of students who will be attending a participating school. The
policy must require that such notice be provided before the
school year begins and must allow a parent to choose to decline
to allow his or her child to be placed in a classroom in which a
school guardian is present at any time during the school day. A
school district or a charter school may not place a student in a
classroom in which a school guardian is present if the student’s
parent has declined to allow his or her child to be so placed

Apparently the concept of the advantage of concealed carry escapes the senator.

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By Miguel.GFZ

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