Florida Supreme Court rules agains Scott Israel.

MIAMI (AP) — The Florida Supreme Court on Tuesday ruled against a sheriff who fought his removal from office after the governor claimed he failed to prevent last year’s Parkland school shooting.

Florida’s highest court agreed that Gov. Ron DeSantis was within his authority to suspend Scott Israel as Broward County sheriff earlier this year. The justices noted that under the Florida Constitution, the state Senate is responsible for deciding whether the removal should be permanent.

Israel has said DeSantis overstepped his constitutional authority and interfered with the public’s right to elect their sheriff. Israel’s attorney didn’t immediately respond to an email from The Associated Press seeking comment about Tuesday’s ruling.

Florida’s Supreme Court denies former Broward Sheriff Israel’s case

I think Israel should call Opa-Locka PD Human Resources and see if the job of Chief is still available because I doubt the Senate is going to contradict Governor DeSantis.

I do hope he does not get that job either. Wackenhut security is hiring, I am sure


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  1. Those of us that have to deal with G4S/Wackenhut on a daily basis don’t want him there, either. G4S is a primary contractor for transporting illegals for the Border Patrol amd ICE; Broward Coward is the type to “accidentally” leave the doors open at a bus stop or Wal-Mart.

    1. There where times when the man in charge left a pistol on the desk of the man who failed.
      Sadly, this efficient method of dealing with people who got corrupted by power is no longer in practice.

      1. Knowing the failure that Sheriff Israel was, he likely would have shot his pinky toe off and then claimed he was attacked by a mob of MAGA Hatted Trumpists just like Jussie tried. I think he is so deluded that he believes he did nothing wrong and he is the victim. Not the dead students. Not the grieving parents. Sheriff Israel knows he is the real victim.

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