Florida: They are back!

Since I have been posting the bills, it should not be a big surprise.

Now is the time to put up or shut up. And I want to reach to those who were so vociferous and uncompromising last year and remind them now it is the time they are supposed to be done talking and start lobbying.

Remember to post pictures from Tallahassee with the Legislators and share with us your accomplishments.

2 Replies to “Florida: They are back!”

  1. Same thing is goin on EVERYWHERE. We have a bunch of bills here in Maine. Sameo ol same. Its why Im always screamin about joining a gun rights group!! This is real people!

  2. The hypocrisy is sickening. Every single time politicians propose gun control bills in a press conference or debate. And every time they cast thier vote for gun control, they are being protected by armed security. And it’s by armed security who are granted special rights and protections under the law above and beyond those “granted” to the citizens of each respective states.

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