Florida Power & Light plans to install 1,000 electric-charging stations at 100 locations across the state.

The utility’s announcement Wednesday says the stations would be located on major roadways, public parks, shopping malls, tourist destinations and at major employers, such as Office Depot in Boca Raton.

FPL spokeswoman Alys Daly tells the South Florida Sun-Sentinel she didn’t have a cost estimate. The charging stations would go through regulatory approval in Tallahassee as part of a future cost-recovery filing with the Florida Public Service Commission.

The company’s chargers are universal, compatible with all electric cars, as well as plug-in hybrids.

FPL to Install 1,000 Electric Car Charging Stations Across State

Everybody else has to pay to refill their regular vehicles and we give break to electrical douche bags carriers?

I will keep an eye on the Legislature because I know some politicritter is gonna ask for another gasoline tax to fund this crap when FPL says the initial allotment of funds will not be enough.

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By Miguel.GFZ

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9 thoughts on “Floridians to pay for electric car’s recharging stations.”
  1. Don’t you just love it when you as a working class individual have to pay for charging stations for some prick making $250+ per year to fill up his $90K luxury car on the cheap?

  2. “White privilege” at its worst. Don’t suppose many blacks, hispanics or native Americans ownTeslas or even Priuses. If for no other reason than they tend to be smarter than their progressive thought leaders.

    1. Fight back, get your legislators to propose an increase in registration fees for electric cars to recover lost fuel tax revenue, or add a per mile tax.

  3. I like my Tesla (it’s a great car to drive) but I don’t like any of this sort of stuff. Your reasoning is exactly correct.
    Come to think of it, the same reasoning applies to NPR subsidies. Or NEA, for that matter.

  4. As far as I know, these charging stations aren’t free to use (except for Some Tesla models) – in fact it’s not cheap for the fast-charging use. I’m thinking FPL is planning to make money with them and will not be taxing us to pay for them.

    1. The free Tesla charging stations you’re thinking about are owned by Tesla, they call them “Superchargers”. Those are Tesla-only (don’t use the Jxyz plug that other electric cars use). “Free forever” Supercharger use was part of the sale price of the Model S and X, until fairly recently.
      I haven’t used them but they are pretty neat, full charge in 30 minutes which is 2x the speed of any other “fast” charger.

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