Via Fox News:Liberal Virginia DA hit with bar complaint following judge booting her office from criminal case

It was reported a few days ago that the Loudoun Country, VA prosecutor was kicked of a case by the Judge. The Judge said that she had lied to the court in under reporting the criminal history of the defendant in attempting to “sell a plee deal”.

It is now being reported that there is a formal complaint against Buta Biberaj asking for her to be disbarred.

“Ms. Biberaj’s conduct is completely unbecoming of both a prosecutor and an officer of the Court. Judge Plowman’s order is a damning indictment of the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s ethics and her low regard for the integrity of the justice system. We hope that the Virginia Bar recognizes the severity of this misconduct and Buta Biberaj is disbarred and removed from office immediately,” Sean Kennedy, the president of Virginians for Safe Communities, said in the nonprofit’s press release Thursday.

With luck this story will have a very happy ending with Biberaj disbarred and trying to learn to code. I don’t think she’ll do well in any hard science or engineering profession.

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By awa

2 thoughts on “Followup: VA Commonwealth’s Attorney Hit with Bar Complaint”
  1. Since Bar Associations have devolved into woke outfits, like most other “professional” associations (the AMA is another example), chances are that nothing will be done. After all, she’s in the protected category of left wing lawbreakers.

  2. pkoning,

    Maybe any actual non-punishment by the VA Bar will be a story in and of itself?
    “The 99% of lawyers again make the 1% look bad.” Even the Honest Left should (as if) latch onto that story of privileged legal corruption.

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