One reason our military has been so lethally effective is our use of technology and combined arms tactics.

We ride our soldiers into battle in armored vehicles, providing them air and heavy armor support, can move them into position quickly, and can extract them just as fast.

All of that capability is because of diesel and jet fuel.

How do we power an MRAP or Stryker with a battery?

Will infantry have to stop and recharge for several hours every hundred miles of advancement?

How to you provide close air support and medivac without jet fuel?

We can’t get a moderate size municipality to operate effectively with climate friendly vehicles, how are we going to make that work in the US military?

This is such insane and ridiculous bullshit I don’t get why anyone would plant this idea into Biden’s addled brain for him to regurgitate.

But hey, let’s weaken the US military to appease the Leftist climate activists and investment class donors who have money in the green energy industry.

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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “Forget major wars, we are going lose even minor battles”
  1. Just when you think he’s said the stupidest shit he’s ever said, he tops himself. It’s almost as if his puppet masters are trying to get him a psych eval. “Joe, tell them we’re going to run our tanks and battleships on batteries.” I mean, there can’t be anyone in the 5 sided clown house who buys that.

  2. It is a luxury of a wealthy nation to care about the environment. When that nation places the environment before maintaining that wealth, they will lose both.
    The US always had a sterling credit rating, until Obama, then suddenly, our credit just was not important any more. Will this pResident be the one the presides over the first invasion of a US State?

    1. CB, more precisely, wealthy free country. Dictatorships are among the most destructive of the environment, even if they are fairly rich. Not because they can’t afford to, but because the dictator doesn’t care about anyone other than himself. A few million dead subjects from industrial poisoning? Not a problem.
      The history of Russia makes this very clear; that of China even more so.

  3. The big problem that the climate nazis always ignore, is how are you going to recharge your climate friendly vehicle? This becomes even more critical in hostile territory where your enemy has destroyed what power generation and distribution infrastructure that existed pre-war. The only thing that makes any sense at is to carry portable generators fueled by fossil fuels. In that case why not just power your vehicle with Diesel, gasoline, JP4, etc? Of course our potential enemies will follow our example and scrap all their fossils fueled tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, trucks, aircraft, warships, etc and go green, yeah sure.

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