I’ve been following the news on the ISIS shooting in France and the European response.  I haven’t had the chance to post in a few day, it’s been a very busy time at work.  I’ve been wrestling over what to write about regarding the attacks in France.  I really haven’t been able to hammer out a distinct thesis, so this post will be a little stream of consciousnesses.

I feel for the victims of terrorism in France.  It is horrific whenever innocents die at the hands of evil.  Speaking of innocents dying at the hands of evil, is this a bad time to mention how the Vichy government rounded up French Jews and handed them over to the NAZIS for extermination?  Or that perhaps France is the most antisemitic country in Europe right now, and that the remaining population of Jews in France is headed out the door?

I am watching in real time as the people who have oppressed and slaughtered my ancestors in the Diaspora get murdered by the people who oppressed and slaughtered my people in our native land.

Now that France, and Europe as a whole, has just begun to experience what Israel has experienced for the last 60 years, – e.g. en masse Islamic terrorism – you’d think they’d have more sympathy.  NOPE.  French bodies weren’t even cold before some Swedish asshole politician goes ahead and blames Israel for the shooting in France.  And of course the EU (lead by France) is plowing ahead with mandatory labeling of imported goods Juden Made in Israel.

Following the Copenhagen shooting at the Great Synagogue, Benjamin Netanyahu suggested it’s time for European Jews to leave for safety in Israel.  European leaders responded indignantly.  Not of course at the knowledge that European Jews are being stabbed left and right, but that Netanyahu mentioned that publicly.  Then there was the shooting at a French Kosher Deli and just today a Jewish teacher was stabbed.  It is obvious that the Jews of Europe are no longer welcome there and it is time for them to leave.  Oh yeah, and Spain pretty much just violated every tenant of international law and diplomacy to put out and arrest warrant for Netanyahu and several other Isreali politicians because Israel had the audacity to defend itself.  No European state would be so bold as to issue arrest warrants for the leaders of Islamic nations that support terrorism.

I’m not saying that the people of France deserved what happened to them, I’m just saying my sympathies are tempered by history.  As a member of Western Civilization, I am naturally inclined to side with Western Civilization in a moment of crisis.  In the choice between Europe and Islam, I’ll support Europe.

Irony of ironies is that what is happening in Europe right now is the result of the worst ancient and modern European conditions combined.  Europe is perhaps the most tribalistic society on Earth.  France, Germany, Great Britain, these are new concepts.  European nationalism is just tribalism with flags.  The tribal names of Europe are the ones we studied in high school history: Franks, Goths, Teutons, Celts, Saxons, Slaves, Norsemen, etc.

For more than two millennia, the continent of Europe has been at a nearly constant state of tribal war.  They’d kill each other for a while, then a peace would be brokered by marrying one tribes princess to some other tribe’s prince. and that would hold for a few generations, then the process would repeat.  Every once in a while, the Europeans would take a break from killing each other to to kill some other tribe from the Middle East – the various wars between the Greeks and Persians, Romans and Persians, the Reconquista of Spain, the Crusades, etc.

Most of the tribalism finally ended in the beginning of the 20th century with WWI, which was just the most high stakes game of Family Feud every played.  European tribalism was mostly replaced in the 1930’s with political allegiance to Fascism, NAZISM, Communism, etc.  Tribalism didn’t go away completely, as no amount of political allegiance could make a Jew a German (or Pole or Frenchman) leading to the Holocaust.  Once Communism ended, the tribalism resurged with the Yugoslav Wars and the balkanization of Eastern Europe.

All of this tribalism explains how the Muslim immigrants are treated.  That is, they are not integrated into European society.  They are segregated and always made to feel like outsiders.  They is one of the reasons why there are so many Islamic radicals who are naturally born Europeans.  Just to be clear, the Islamic world is every bit as tribal as Europe.  I can’t tell a Sunni from a Shiite, but they doesn’t stop them from massacring each other over that distinction.  Ask any soldier who served in Afghanistan, every culture there hates every other – the Farsi, Pashtun, Uzbek, etc.  Then there is the oppression of the Yazidi, Kurds, etc.  So it’s not like the Muslim immigrants to Europe want to integrate either.  Tribalism.

At the same time, Europe feels guilty about the Holocaust (as they continue to be antisemitic, re-branded as anti-Zionism)  so they have crafted a lot of “multicultural” policies to protect their ethnic and religious minorities (except for the Jews).  So the Europeans treat radical Muslims with kid gloves as they simultaneously exacerbate their radicalism.  It is a perfect storm of tribalism and left wing multiculturalism.  As more Europeans get raped and killed by European Muslims, and as more cities are overrun  with refugees, a strong right wing nationalist movement is building in Europe.  But unlike the Jews of Europe, the Muslims have some fight in them as many want to build the Caliphate in Europe.  Convert or die.

Knowing my history of both Europe and Islam, I am afraid that this crisis will end in Gas Chambers.  The only thing I’m not sure of is, who be getting marched into them.


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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “France, Europe, and ISIS from a foreigner in a foreign land”
  1. I would say the same about the US, then I encountered liberals. I mean seriously, I’m distinctly Asian, either mistaken for Chinese, but this Filipino been in more welcoming arms by rednecks and Southern folk more than the snotty libs. It doesn’t help that our cuisine is our biggest welcoming rug between our two groups. The libs want everyone to be in their perfect little tribes, like the big baddie in The Lego Movie, deploying their micromanaging SJWs to ensure animosity between me and my redneck buddies.

  2. “All of this tribalism explains how the Muslim immigrants are treated. That is, they are not integrated into European society. They are segregated and always made to feel like outsiders.”
    – Nope. They are simply not compatible. The problems started when they were told by the government that they could integrate by not integrating.
    Before that it was no problem for any other culture to integrate in any european society.
    They all kept their heritage, but they didn’t ram it down other peoples throat.
    The moslems that came here in the sixties were not “integrated” but integrated themselves – and they did not kill their daughters in the name of “honor”.
    But when the “lawful” integration started, when every archaic concept was sanctionied as being “cultural”, then trouble started brewing.

  3. Here is my stream of consciousness.

    Well, thank God the US was created peacefully. And enjoyed more than 200 years of peace.
    Oops, not really. “Injuns” might disagree. And the people south of the border. And the little skirmish between north and south.

    “Every once in a while, the Europeans would take a break from killing each other to to kill some other tribe from the Middle East – the various wars between the Greeks and Persians, Romans and Persians, the Reconquista of Spain, the Crusades, etc.”
    -Jesus, you’re making us look the worst in the world. War and killing isn’t an European invention, you know. People have been killing each other all over the globe for a long time. Some time someone would invade Europe, some time some European nation would venture outside the continent.

    And why do Americans put all Europeans into the same category? You said, Europe is just a collection of tribes. I would imagine that not all the tribes are the same. Not everyone is left-wing crybaby or a right-wing nazi or whatever.
    You can’t equate the government and the people. Well, unfortunately we get the government we deserve. But do you agree with your government? According to you, I can say that the americans are pro gun-control. If I were to judge you by your president.

    And another thing. What has this to do with the Jews in WWII? If I would follow your logic, then when talking about the recent bombings in Turkey I should say :” yeah, I feel sorry for them, but they did invade us 500 years ago and did horrible, horrible things, soooo… tough luck.”

    No hard feelings. You said your opinion, I said mine.

    1. Europe actually isn’t the worst.

      France and Denmark experienced exactly what Israel regularly experiences. A lot of death at the hands of Muslim savages. Have I seen one ounce of sympathy or understanding come out of Europe for Israel after these attacks. Nope. Some in Europe have tried to blame these shootings on the Jooooos…

      On Friday, every Parisian knew what life in Jerusalem is like. It’s hard to #PrayforParis when France condemn Israel for defending itself against terrorism.

      1. “Have I seen one ounce of sympathy or understanding come out of Europe for Israel after these attacks. Nope.” – It’s not our fault you got tunnelvision 😉

        Don`t make the mistake to judge “Europe” by the action of some idiots.
        The europeans who read this blog don’t judge you by the actions of some of your idiots.

        I mean, based on your biggest newspapers you’re a country of redneck racists. 😉

  4. Muslims don’t necessarily have it over the Euopeans. The last time European nationalists were pissed at a tribe, 6 million people were exterminated very efficiently. I agree with you, it’s a toss up who wins, but only if the European right wing sleeping giant is awakened.

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