The “diverse youth” of France are destroying property and attacking people.

The police are entirely overwhelmed.

The French are left to defend themselves with sticks.

This is why you cannot give up your guns.

When the shit hits the fan and social order goes to hell, you cannot rely on the system to protect you.

You are ultimately your only reliable line of defense and you need the tools to to that effectively.


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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “France is a lesson in not giving up your guns”
  1. Wine drinking cheese eating surrender monkeys finally fingering it out…… heh hehheh… just a joke at my french friends expense…. Bout time..

  2. That poor Mossberg.

    Maybe some one should have him some pruning shears and tell him about rape statistics.

  3. Oh, but it will never happen here. Or if it does, it will never happen to me.

    Yeah, riiiiight.

    Pardon me while I move another box to its better location…

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