There was a time in Spain’s relatively recent history, that the Guardia Civil, in their stupid patent leather tricorn hats, could straight up murder your ass on behalf of the state.

That is going to make a comeback.

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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “Franco is going to come back”
  1. Given the rise of AfD and RN in Geramny and France (respectively), I imagine that pendulum is swinging against the EU/Leftist types similar to what it has started doing in the a lot of the former Eastern Bloc states. Interesting times for sure.

  2. “That is going to make a comeback.”
    The shift has already started – LePen won in France, and the AfD won a number of seats in Germany
    As the political pendulum swings too far one way it usually swings back too far the other way and then it becomes a bloody business before the dust settles.

  3. I guess this dude forgot that his ilk were forcefully ejected from Spain a number of centuries ago.

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