Some states are just anti-gun. Some states are pro-gun. But some states go out of their way to be nasty to gun owners.

New York is my vote for the nastiest of the states right now, what with their Concealed Carry Improvement act.

The CCI was challenged and the case was dismissed for lack of standing.

The case was re-filed with multiple people saying “I’m in violation of this law.” so it has standing.

The judge ruled that it was obvious to him that at least parts of the CCI were unconstitutional so issued a temporary injunction.

The state appealed to the 2nd circuit claiming, among other things, that the temporary injunction would cause confusion for gun owners.

The 2nd circuit ruled that the temporary injection is held (not allowed to happen).

The case is going forward before the district judge.

We can expect the state to appeal. The question is how long it will take before it is ruled unconstitutional and sticks.

So my question for you all:

Do you want to hear about the status of cases like this? It is all over my feeds, I’m more than willing to pass it on but it sometimes feels like everybody else is already talking about it, what’s this blogger’s opinion really going to add?

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By awa

13 thoughts on “Friday Feedback”
  1. Me personally Im not that interested in ny issues. Its kinda expected. I do have friends there and they are well informed on current issues. Alot is dependent on voting outcome in November. This site is the best I have found. Keep it up yall

  2. One of the many reasons I started reading this blog and bought a membership to this blog is because it provides me with the important news stories and issues regarding the second amendment as written. I have read all your posts and greatly appreciate you doing the work which I don’t have the time to do. You save me time and effort and money. I know I can come here and access what I need to keep up to date on important issues. Miguel, J.Kb. and you, are well worth the price paid as far as I’m concerned. So keep posting your analysis, which by the way is very good. It’s well thought out, well written, with just the right amount of opinion added to the context to inspire all to support fervently the second amendment. So yes, get to work, I depend on it. Lord knows I don’t have the time. Now, back to Andrew Branca’s publications, which by the way happens to be the source which informed me of this blog several years ago.

  3. I come here not just for the news, but for your guy’s opinion on the news. The NY stuff doesn’t affect me since I live in a free state, but I do like hearing when the fascists get bitch slapped. And the colorful way that JKB comments is pure gold.

  4. Birdog357 and David Douglass said it better than I could have, aye if you have the energy please share the news and your take on em

    1. I enjoy the thought stimulus from your post a while back ref medical. (Lots has happened in my life since I read/enjoyed it. Please forgive my imperfect memory). So, my 2¢ worth, is guns, yes. Gun politics, yes. Gun adjacent issues, yes. And, as an exemplar of the latter, Miguel has, historically, posted about trauma training, med kits and suchlike.

  5. As above! And thanks.
    I would suggest, perhaps a weekly summary of what you find or track? As you say, a lot is covered elsewhere, but most of the sites I visit tend to do deep dives into specific cases. That can be interesting, but an overall picture is also helpful.

  6. The NY thing probably doesn’t qualify but I do like hearing about the small stories and cases that don’t get publication anywhere else but are never the less still quite important.

    Keep up the good work.

  7. Interested.
    Not everything, but when there is news, and there is a perspective that you, or one of the other hosts find interesting, share it.
    The blog starts off with Gun in the title. I started coming here because of that, and it has been creeping away from gun stories for a bit.

    1. To clarify, do you consider 2A issues to be about guns? Do you consider the reviews about guns and gear to be on topic?

      I know that my Tuesday Tunes are not “gun related” but I hope that it adds something.

      In the meantime, we would love to hear suggested topics and stories.

    2. Well, on the header of this blog, the following statement is declared, which describes exactly what the blog’s purpose is — “Where a Redneck Jew, a Hispanic Catholic, and a Computer Geek write about Gun Rights, Self Defense and whatever else we can think about.”

      awa, is providing “whatever else we can thing about” and it’s always interesting, to say the least. There is a wise old saying which goes something like this, “There is a time to take guns up, and a time to put guns down”.

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