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3 thoughts on “Friday Feedback”
  1. Poor republicans turn out here.. nobody has any balls here. They are all talk. We are solid blue hippy lefty now. Freedom being a minority here I wonder if we qualify for minority status and gubmint percs… We the People here will quietly prepare and live. And distance ourselves from liberals. They wanta bitch about dividing, well here ya go- us vs them.

  2. I won every ‘friendly wager’ and no-so-friendly wagers that there would be no “Red Wave”. Central Floridians in my neck of the woods mostly believed the leftist liberals would now pay a price for having destroyed America over the past two years. The wage was, “Republicans at best will have very weak gains or remain about as they are now and nothing even close to a red wave will occur as the pundits are predicting”. Everyone gleefully accepted the wager. It surprised me how much everyone underestimated the level of evil the liberal leftist is able to achieve in our election process.

  3. One observation I haven’t seen made in the after-action reviews:
    Dems launched several truly insane attacks against R candidates. Rather than answering forcefully, R candidates tended to just ignore them. That’s not a good idea. The two main ones:
    1. “he’s in favor of a national abortion ban”. I pointed out to several candidates for Federal office that the right answer is “I don’t favor any national abortion law since that would be unconstitutional”. Some even agreed with that — but then failed to say so in their publicity. (Linsey Graham deserves lots of s**t for handing the Dems that cudgel — which was both incredibly STUPID as well as obviously unconstitutional. I guess he’s too dumb to understand that.)
    2. “If you vote R that will be the last election we ever have” (Hobbs, AZ) and analogous things from such criminals as James Clyburn. The right comeback would be “that’s clearly insane nonsense, who could possibly believe that and why?” Why didn’t people push back?

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