Well it has been a good week for some court cases and a bad week for others.

Trying to figure out what is actually going on in different court cases has been a huge learning task for me.

So it is that time of week when y’all can let us know how we are doing and what you would like more of or less of.

Given my addiction to lever action rifles (at this time) I find myself amazed at the number of different calibers that are available in the lever action line.

So it is that horrible day when your SO says “Too much is too much! You have to reduce to two calibers and two only!”

What would you choose?

I’m thinking that I would take .45 Colt. I have pistols and rifles in that caliber. For the other caliber maybe 45-70. I want something that hits hard and can be used for taking large game. On the other hand having an AR-15 in 5.56 is also very very useful.

Anyway, let us know what you are thinking.

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By awa

12 thoughts on “Friday Feedback”
  1. So it is that horrible day when your SO says “Too much is too much! You have to reduce to two calibers and two only!”

    What would you choose?

    – – Very simple: A new SO. – –

  2. (thought about caliber vs cartridge hairsplitting deleted)
    I’d choose .308 Win and 9mm. Mrs B doesn’t like shooting either so we’d probably wind up having four, his-n-hers.
    There is something to be said for simplification and streamlining, of course. But see previous posts on efficiency vs fragility. You can make similar arguments re available selection of calibers.

  3. Lets see…. .308, 5.56, 38/357, .45…oh and 12 ga.. by the time I figure out what to grab the war will be over.. some of us are blessed with an SO that doesnt care what I have long as bills are paid. I am thinking about a .45 cal revolver to mate with my Kentucky rifle.. and a Ruger Precision in .308..

  4. You don’t you, somehow figure out how to tell her she’s dumb, without ending up underground… I recently went to my third caliber. We have his and hers handgun calibers, 9mm and .380. I have a 9mm carbine and recently picked up a 5.56. Each has it’s role.

    1. Oh, I forgot my grandfather’s 12ga. Of which I am merely the caretaker. But it’s in my collection so I guess I have 4 calibers.

  5. Wow thats a tough one. Calibers are like golf clubs and fishing lures different ones for different things. Oh sure you COULD get by with two but wheres the fun in that.

    As you said .45 long colt is a good choice and hits plenty hard for many North American game animals especially out of a rifle length barrel.

    A little work around might be that new lever action AR by Fightlite. Would dearly like something like that in a big bore caliber like 350 legend for an all around caliber.

  6. Since you were talking in the context of ‘Rifle Calibers’ I would stick to the NATO rounds, 556(223) and 762(308). And if the day came when my CO demanded one pistol caliber it’d be the 9mm in pistols and in a PCC. In other words, my normal M.O.

  7. Thanks AWA – I really enjoy the court case updates – it’s best to know what other states are arguing and what has or has not gained traction in the Pro2A fights around the country. Makes me know where to spend my money.

    GOA – badass… they took the left hook while OFF and FPC went right for the jugular on M114 in the federal court. I’m really disappointed in our federal judge here. And even more so in our state AG’s office for making what are now known to be ineffective arguments justifying the regulations.

    That being said, I’m pleasantly surprised our state supreme court sided with the plaintiffs. Let’s hope that trend continues.

    As for calibers, first off that wouldn’t be my SO…. the scenario is so foreign. I’d NEVER be with someone who made that kind of ultimatum. If we’re purely talking rifle, I’ll stick with NATO cartridges 7.62×51 and 5.56×45

  8. If I want to play along by the rules though easy, I’ll keep 30 cal and 22 cal. That allows you to argue your way into anything in the 30 cal family or that starts if .3 and anything in the 22 cal family or anything that starts with .2 🙂

    1. Interesting trick. Reminds me of a gorgeous rifle I saw for sale half a year ago, a Remington 700 in .300 Remington Ultra Magnum. I forgot the price — $700 maybe, second hand but barely used? Probably not the best choice for a first rifle, though, which is what it would be for me.

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