First, thank you to our readers that keep turning in suggestions. I’m sorry that not all of them get articles written about them. Sometimes it is because we have something else already in the works, other times it is because we can’t stand another article about that subject. And sometimes it is because we just don’t have time.

About 20 years ago I was doing semi-professional photograph. I did a couple of wedding shoots, I also did a few shoots for actresses and actors. And I did a few shoots for newsworthy events. Even got published once and had a showing where I actually sold a couple of prints.

My equipment at the time was a Nikon F5 with a bunch of good lenses. I was depressed to learn that my F5 which I paid north of $1500 for was no selling used for under $200.

I’ve wanted to get back into photography but wasn’t willing to pay for another F5 class camera body. Then I found that I could buy one step down and got myself a D5100 from Nikon. It works with some of my older lenses but not all.

One of the big issues is that it doesn’t work right with my onboard flash. Thus the washed out images.

Do you all want more of my photos of guns and things? They will get better once I figure out the controls a bit better.

Any feedback on my analysis of court cases? I am NOT a lawyer. I’m just a computer nerd and I’m trying to read all of this case law. It is dense and full of ignorant and evil arguments.

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By awa

2 thoughts on “Friday Feedback”
  1. I have found in most blogs that there are always members-visitors who don’t know much about several of the subjects posted, and as is the case a majority of the time, those individuals always appreciate someone who is willing to ‘go first’ and address the subject best they know how. It’s a start. Most people don’t want to be the ‘one’ to go first to get things started. When it comes to all things ‘Law’ I prefer to sit back and wait for someone to go first. So, awa, I appreciate your work in this regard. It gets me started into a subject I’ve not had much experience with. Looking forward to more of your future posts on this subject.

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