Welcome to another Friday Feedback. Hagar is onboard to give us an article per week from behind enemy lines. They seem to be getting some good traction.

You poor folks are going to have to put up with too many photo reviews coming in soon. Just made out like a bandit at a photography store that has closed down. Picked up a bunch of gear I wanted/needed. This, along with the stuff I just got will allow me to take some pretty good photos of some of the firearm stuff I have.

The image of Mrs. Pink from yesterday is the result of hours of prep so that the actual time from “yeah, I want to do this” to a finished picture was only about 15 minutes. That includes setting up the lighting, taking the pictures, importing the images, running the color calibration and then doing the image manipulation to straighten the image, fix some perspective, blur out the serial number and crop it down a little bit.

It took longer to find where I exported the image than it did to get and process the image.

Some of what I plan on doing is some macro photography. I.e. close up photos. That will be fun.

We heard about the Antonyuk case. It was interesting that I was able to get the Alito opinion, read it and get it out to you just as my sources were starting to make reports about it.

One lawyer I listen to explained that all of the references by Alito (joined by Thomas) to other cases in the district courts challenging the CCIA indicate that the Supreme Court is following these FU knee-jerk laws being passed by states and challenged by many.

Leave a comment below to let us know what we are missing, what you really are tired of hearing about, what you want more of, or just to tell us what jerks we are. And remember, anybody can comment on feedback articles.

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2 thoughts on “Friday Feedback”
  1. Any possibility of getting a comments button or article link at the end of each posting on the main page.

    Minor usability quip.

    Often reading articles from the main page/feed, I need to scroll back to the top to open the article for comments or have the fore thought to open it in another tab before scrolling. A button at the bottom to take you to the comments would be useful.

    Otherwise stellar job as always everyone!

  2. Very odd … I am signed in but being asked to sign in when I try to vote.
    In any case, I think the court coverage is something you do very well, and is something I don’t see done nearly as well, elsewhere. J.Kb’s occasional story snippets are great.
    But in the end, I’m generally happy reading whatever you guys wish to write about.

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