From last week, I am looking at 2A cases happening in the second circuit court. I’m likely to pony up for a PACER account and hope I don’t burn down my bank account in the first few days of access.

The great news is that the wheels of justice turned and Alec Baldwin has been charged.

We have the great bitbull debate going on. My two bits? Keep your dog away from my kids.

We had one neighbor who let his dog get free and it attacked and killed one of our chickens. He apologized, offered to pay for the chicken. He called the cops and self reported.

Two days later he was at our house again. He was in tears. He had just put down his dog because it had attacked our chickens again.

The ATF announced their pistol brace ruling. The did a “take back” and screwed millions of firearm owners. I had considered SBRing on of my ARs so that I could have a 14.5 (IIRC) barrel to match the barrel of the M4 Carbine. If I did that, I had planned to pick up a stabilizing brace to have as a “it is just a pistol” until such time as the ATF approved the SBR.

I’m glad I didn’t.

There are a number of cases filed against the ATF over this ruling. There is an opinion out of SCOTUS in 1994, Staples v. United States that I’m researching. Mark Smith mentioned it as a good starting point in battles regarding ATFs new SBR rules. I’m not sure I agree, I have to read this a few times.

What subject would you like Hagar to write about from a left leaning perspective?

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5 thoughts on “Friday Feedback”
  1. Well let’s see…Hagar next subject could be, leftist’s arguments supporting a duty to retreat before using use-of-force to defend against a perceived deadly force attack. Sounds like fun…doesn’t?

  2. Colin Noir’s post about alec was interesting to read some of the whining comments-“ poor alec, he didnt murder anyone “.. when you point a firearm at someone and pull the trigger,YOU are responsible… lets look back on the joe average cases and see who didnt get sent to jail

  3. Imo if you can pistol or other it don’t bother SBR. You get all the bennies and none of the down sides otherwise. No permission slips to travel. No exclusive control/access requirements.

  4. Man thats a lot to wrap up in a small space, other than the fact Baldwin has been a self righteous jackwagon about the whole affair anyone else would have been in jail or on bond pending charges.

    As for Hagar input, if they have any thoughts on the topic I’ve never been able to have a productive conversation about the idea of prepping and having things while others do not with a few members of my family. For example my sister-in-law, during the formula shortage, could not understand that our priority as a family was to keep her son fed, safe, and happy. Since the lil terror could only handle one type of formula without bad stomach trouble we all loaded up and sourced enough of it to last him through till he could begin digesting solid (mashed, steamed, so on) foods. She cried, thanked us, and promptly donated it to a city program without telling us and then asked for help finding more after the little she kept was almost out.

    She still can’t, or won’t, explain her thought process beyond she had the ability to help so she had the obligation (which I agree with 100%) but decided to give it to the government to administer instead of keeping it close with her community.

  5. Perhaps compliance with the ATF rule is the best medicine. I’ve got half a dozen pistols and lower receivers that might like to have a stock one day.

    There’s some HK model somewhere that has more registered auto sears in existence than actual receivers were made because some enterprising fellow in a machine shop made and registered them during the 1986 amnesty.

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