It has been a long week up here. Snow removal and power issues. The site keeps on trucking because it lives in a data center with all sorts of backups. is back up and running. If you had some issues to begin with that is because you were attempting to do things before I had it completely restored, I think. If anybody is having any issues over there, please let me know down below in the comments.

I’ll be working on the videos shortly. That is a bit more work but we’ll get it done.

There has been a great deal of back and forth on the stabilizing brace v. SBR. Right now I don’t feel qualified to have an opinion on it.

You are likely to get hit with some photography stuff in the coming weeks. I did my first “professional” photoshoot in 25 years yesterday and the results were amazing. And I can’t share it with you all.

Hagar is worried she is going to offend you all. I’ve told her “they are adults or nearly so. If you offend them, they’ll say as much. Can’t be as bad as J.Kb. calling my beloved home state full of retards. It isn’t full, it is only the seacoast that is full of leftist retards.

We do have a short update on CCIA cases, the Second Circuit court has scheduled an expedited hearing for March of 2023. This isn’t going to sit in limbo for years. Once the Second Circuit rules, the parties will appeal to the Supreme court.


It could be that NYS decides to just take the loss at the appellate level in order to keep the Supreme Court from hearing the case at this time.

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By awa

7 thoughts on “Friday Feedback”
  1. AWA, You’re right, I shouldn’t generalize about all of New Hampshire. The Seacoast region has been rendered virtually unlivable for for middle-class.

    1. I travel most of the state at times and there are areas not as “high nosed” as the coast..
      Maine is getting worse but I just call it a target rich environment…. Think outside the box..

  2. Ok, I’m offended that Hagar believes she is able to offend me. Now, entertainment, well, so far, she’s been one hundred percent successful at achieving that. And I’ really appreciated her last post, I found it very informative.

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