Well I remembered this week. Sorry for missing last week.

We want to thank everybody that has become members, it is what keeps the site up and running.

No new software changes in the last two weeks. We did make some configuration changes to better identify hacking attempts and to better protect the site from unauthorized changes. That all seems to be working.

Next week I expect to be working on getting the contributor membership level setup and running.

The issue is that contributors, as they are currently defined, are allowed to see more information than we want them to see. Thus we can’t let people have that role and are creating a custom role to allow just enough capabilities to be able to just see and work on their own posts.

Feel free to sound off on whatever you want, again we are looking for suggestions on music, stories you would like us to cover, offers to buy the first deluxe pedo-chipper…

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By awa

7 thoughts on “Friday Feedback”
  1. Re that last point…
    The other night I was watching the Lazenby Bond film “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service,” where a bad guy falls in front of a road-width-size snow blower. (Or I think it was this one. On a bit of a pre-Craig Bond kick this past week.)
    Seems as though it would be a useful alternative to have around, assuming the special effects were at all realistic. Self propelled and steerable, y’know.

  2. Is it a good idea from a liability stand point to give A. Random Guy the ability to post on your blog? Just an idle thought.

    1. Random guy has paid for the privilege. We know every one that has done so. They contribute the article but one of the admins has to press the “publish” button to make it go live.

      We trust you but that doesn’t mean we don’t verify.

      1. That’s fair. Since you’re approving them anyway, why not just have them email the submissions and you post them instead of doing the fancy IT-fu behind the scenes?

        1. At this point that is what we are doing. The fancy it stuff makes it much cleaner for us. No formatting on our part, no need for us to handle media. They do all the work and we just read and push the publish button. More work now but less work over the years.

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