You know you’ve been reading to much law geek language when you get two cases totally confused. I claim as a defense that Judge Benitez in his conference meeting with parties was talking about opinions given in one case while talking about another and it looks like the state managed to get it confused too.

This was so bad that I had to revise the article. This is different from an update in that to much changed. I hope the method I used was useful.

It is all infringements.

I’ve started a new series which I’m calling Legal Arguments. This is how I see the state currently arguing. I’m also going over some older cases that were used to establish case law against us. Hopefully you all find them interesting.

There are a number of cases happening in other parts of the country. The CCIA challenges are currently waiting for oral arguments before the Second Circuit. We are waiting on an opinion from the Forth Circuit regarding Maryland’s AWB. There is a very upset District Judge in New Jersey that is about to hand NJ their asses in a sling regarding Koons et al. v. Reynolds et al 1:22-cv-07464. NJ has threatened to appeal to the Third Circuit court if she doesn’t rule right now.

On the fun side of the world, it is beautiful today. The sun is shining off the snow, the trees haven’t be cut back so far as to destroy the view. Power is up. Oil tank is 4/5 full and the Furnace just got its yearly servicing for the first time since we bought the house over 10 years ago. (Things you don’t know as a homeowner).

The furnace thing was sort of funny. It stopped creating heat. I went down to check on it. Couldn’t get it to fire. Called the heating people. They sent out a tech. He spent the rest of the day doing service. Turns out that we are considered long time customers as we’ve been buying oil from them since we moved in. The tech looked at it and decided to bill it out as yearly service instead of emergency call out. It cost a bit more in parts but those were parts that should have been replaced yearly.

Enough, I hope you all had a great week and will have a great weekend.

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3 thoughts on “Friday Feedback”
  1. Sometimes I find the court posts a bit long and confusing…. But thats my knuckle dragging mind. Keep it up. This is an excellent place to get information..

  2. Not about guns, but definitely about (keeping) your freedom: Tucker Carlson had the mother and a new lawyer for Jacob Tinsley/”Shaman” of Jan 6 fame on last night. Seems that the trial attorney for Jacob had sold him a plea agreement that included him agreeing not to appeal his sentence. Naturally the evidence presented at trial did not include any exculpatory footage of Shaman wandering about the senate wing while escorted by at least two capital policemen.

    Any views on that goat rope would be appreciated.

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