It was great to see so many of you have been advocates for the Second Amendment. More of you have testified than I expected to see.

Thanks to all of you that fight the good fight.

We had a couple of articles this week that were not authored by your normal hosts. Thank you to SkinnedKnuckles for his article about working to get an actual firearm safety program started in the local school system.

The other outside article was the blurb from Michel Associates, PC. That was more interesting to me. I had reached out to the helpdesk at the firm and expected to end up communicating with some public relations person. To have the first response come from the senior partner was shocking to me.

Is it of interest to you to get short articles about groups and firms that are fighting for the Second?

The Second Circuit court hard oral arguments on 5 Second Amendment cases on Monday. We are now in a wait and see holding pattern. We can make a couple of different assumptions about the judges, they could all be anti-gun, they could all be pro-gun, they could just be ignorant, or they could just be following the law.

If they are anti-gun they are going to ask if it is in the best interest of the infringers to find for the state or the plaintiffs. If they find for the state the plaintiffs will appeal to the Supreme Court and that would be bad for gun rights infringers. If they find for the plaintiffs the state might not appeal but might instead change the law to require a relitigation.

If they are anti-gun rights I can almost bet that it will take a long time for them to reach an opinion.

If they are pro-gun or just following the law they will find for the plaintiffs and the state will have to decide if they want to play in the Supreme Court, again, after just being slapped down in Bruen.

If they are ignorant, we are going to end up with case law that is going to be hard to deal with. This might be the worse case.

Thank you once again to all of our readers and thank you to all the people that found the article like button.

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  1. aye if it doesn’t take too much on y’alls end I would be very interested in hearing from or about groups fighting for 2A rights

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