Welcome to another Friday!

This has been a week of finding interesting 2A cases that are all moving in the right direction. It has been a week of listening to the left scream about banning guns for reasons. It has been a week of accomplishing new things with a new project.

I’ve started to put pictures on the postings, I’m working with Hagar to get slightly different. Anything you don’t like about those images, blame me. If you like it, praise her. If you want to send in your own article headers for me to use, please send it to our email and include a statement that you own the copyright and that you give us permission to use it on this blog.

If you have any feedback on the formatting of the long articles, let me know. If you have suggestions for article formatting, let us know.

Don’t forget to give praise to J.Kb. if you liked his Sci-Fi writings.

The Firearms Policy Coalition has a list of cases they are following. I am not interested in going through that entire list to figure out what is interesting or not. If you are interested, please look it over and let me know what cases you would like my to look at.

If you don’t get around to it on today’s feedback, send me email at AWA(at)troglodite.com. When identifying a case please give me the name and the court.

Gun Case Tracker by FPC & 2Aupdates

I have another picture article I’m working on for next week. Hagar is working articles. I’m looking forward to a productive weekend and coming week.

Let us know what you are thinking about or topics you would like us to cover.

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By awa

One thought on “Friday Feedback”
  1. No real feedback, yall are doing great by my book.

    Mayhaps a post from the hosts about their current favorite gun or gun accessory of the moment?

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