It has been a busy week in the courts. Multiple cases heard before circuit courts. Supreme Court Opinions issued. Busy busy busy.

Hagar has been a bit busy, but I’ll see where her next article is.

We just learned about the State of Massachusetts deciding to make the state a “sensitive place”.

The other week, somebody asked for a review on some interesting caliber of ammunition. I was hoping J.Kb. was going to step up to the plate and write about it. I just don’t have any inclination to purchase a firearm in that caliber just to write a review about it.

Do you have any recommended sites to monitor for Second Amendment related legal or legislative events?

Does anybody want to hear about processing squirrels? I’m learning, slowly, how to flesh a squirrel hide. It is an interesting process that I’ve failed at four or five times now. Once I get past the fleshing part, I’ll be moving on to the process of tanning the hide.

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By awa

3 thoughts on “Friday Feedback”
  1. Hhhmm. Imho some of your court reviews go a little long. My knuckle draggin minds fogs up… i am interested in the squirrel stuff.. might have to start eating them if groceries don’t come down soon heh

  2. Heck yeah squirrel fritters fried up with red eye gravy, grits, and thick tomatos are a darned good breakfast lets hear whatcha got.

    Bonus points for if they’re squirrels that have been menacing your garden(s)!

  3. I save your articles for reference after doing a quick read. You never know when something will pop up that relates to one of the court cases you’ve reported on. And yes to the squirrel– I’ve heard they can be pretty good in gumbo.

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