It feels like it has been a long week. I think much of that came from listening for hours of oral arguments. On the better side of things, I believe that I have better code in place to make the task easier next time. I’ve also created tools that do more saves along the way so that I don’t have to redo everything, over and over again.

J. Kb. contacted me to ask, “what was the request about what ammo?” I hope he has an article on 5.7×28 coming up. Having watched a number of YouTube videos about it, I’m curious, but not curious enough to invest in still another caliber.

It looks like there will be some photographs of squirrel processing coming up soon. I want to make sure that I take many photos.

We had a visitor staying with us for a short time. I managed to foist off my Nikon D5500. He had a great time with the lens I let him borrow, but he wasn’t allowed to take that with him. I’m looking forward to seeing what he does with that camera once he picks up a couple of lenses for it.

Having spent today thinking about what I heard in the 7th Circuit Court oral arguments, I think I’ve identified why it was so difficult.

  • The two anti-gun judges were actually rude. Easterbrook made disparaging sighs and other sounds while the good guys were presenting.
  • The Judges were disrespectful to the Bruen court. They actually laughed at some of the phrasing from Justice Thomas’ opinion
  • Judge Wood constantly played dumb, claiming that figuring out what the words of the Second Amendment actually meant was going to be their task, even though the Heller court told them what the words mean.
  • Judge Easterbrook was demanding that the good guys argue against the NFA instead of the actual laws. Sort of: If we decide that an AW/LCM ban is unconstitutional, what’s to keep you from arguing that the NFA is unconstitutional?
  • The Circuit Court represents more than just the state of Illinois. Yet Easterbrook and Wood kept repeating that machine guns and grenades are banned. Machine guns are banned in Illinois, but not in every state under the 7th Circuit.
  • Easterbrook wanted to find some “special” meaning in “in common use today”. He refused to use plain text.

I expected the state to misrepresent the situation. I expected them to make their best arguments, even if they had to make huge reaches. They did not disappoint in that regard. It was just how down right disrespectful Easterbrook and Wood were to the Bruen Court, Murphy and Maag. It was not a good look.

Was the breakdown of the oral arguments worthwhile to you? Is it worth my time to do other oral arguments when they come out?

Other than a Ruger PC9, is there another 9 mm carbine that you like?

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8 thoughts on “Friday Feedback”
  1. Just got an M&P FPC to go with my PC9. My friend and I will be writing up a review of both. Both are damn nice guns.

  2. I listen to the entire 7th circus oral arguments case and came to realize just how corrupt the judges in this case are. It’s the perfect example of modern progressive thinking, which is premised on subjective idealism, which resorts to strawman arguments when being asked to render a judgement on the plain text of a well written law on the books. They knew full well they what they were doing, and due to their position of authority, flaunted it in the face of their political opposition by disrespecting them in a most elite scholarly manner of superiority–resorting to condescending innuendo.

    1. I’ve always liked this quote from H. L. Mencken. The final part says it particularly well.
      “In nothing did the founders of this country so demonstrate their essential naivete than in attempting to constrain government from all its favorite abuses, and entrusting the enforcement of those protections to judges; that is to say, men who had been lawyers; that is to say, men professionally trained in finding plausible excuses for dishonest and dishonorable acts.”

  3. I have both a Marlin Camp 9 that takes older S&W magazines, and a KelTec SUB-2000 that takes current S&W magazines, one magazine for both my rifle and pistol.
    Over all I prefer the Marlin Camp 9. It is easier to handle, sight on, and generally just feels better.
    The KelTec SUB-2000 has an advantage of folding into a compact package that fits into a computer brief case.

      1. What optics? there are none – I replaced the front sight with a TANDEMKROSS Fiber Optic Front Sight (Discontinued by the Manufacturer) and that is all I have done.

        1. A red dot. On the Ruger and the new M&P FPC you can leave them mounted, the Ruger snaps in half and the Smith folds to the side. I’ll figure out how to get pics onto here and show you

  4. A buddy of mine recently got his hands on the older and newer version of the Matador Arms upper that fits on either a standard or pistol magazine AR-15 lower. Its entirely self contained so no messing with buffer weights and allows you the use of a folding stock and still fire. Waiting to here what he thinks of them before adding a new savings envelope to the gun safe.

    Again would like to thank all yall who contribute to the site for the work you put in to bring us news and information.

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